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Human Brains Need a Break from Thinking

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Have you ever noticed that when you think a lot, you feel tired? New research shows that there is a reason (, August 11, 2022)! When we tax our brains during a “long, grueling day sitting at a desk,” a chemical by-product is released (glutamate) that is toxic to the brain. We produce this chemical when we use our brains heavily, and it builds up in the pre-frontal cortex. Too much of this “thinking chemical” results in fatigue, tiredness, and difficulty thinking. Ironically, when many people feel tired and sluggish, they just work harder. However, the result is reduced productivity. Researchers are learning that one of the most effective ways to clear glutamate from the brain is sleep. A lead author on the recently published report noted that “there are no shortcuts to stop your brain making you tired, with a nap the only cure.”

The Creator of the human body certainly understood this chemical process when He designed us to need regular sleep. Psalm 127 says that sleep is a gift God gives to those He loves (v. 2) and other scriptures highlight how the pursuit and possession of worldly goods can often rob us of that needed rest (e.g., Ecclesiastes 5:12). And those who obey the Fourth Commandment, setting aside the seventh day of the week, Saturday, as the weekly day of rest (Exodus 20:8–11), enjoy an even broader break from the demands of the week. The Sabbath command reminds us to take time to cease from our labors and to rest and refocus regularly on God and His way of life. Today, many people work seven days a week, failing to allow their bodies and brains to rest, and robbing them of the healthful balance we all need. If we were to seek God’s guidance and obey His commands, our bodies, brains, and lives would be richly blessed. To learn more about the physical blessings available to us through obeying God, read our free booklet Biblical Principles of Health.