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More Concerns About Tattoos

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Scientists have long known that pigments in tattoo ink make their way into lymph nodes, as the immune system works to remove foreign material (ink) from the underside of the skin. New research now demonstrates that nanoparticles in the ink, including toxins, also make their way to the lymph nodes, possibly causing chronic inflammation throughout the bodies of tattoo recipients (, September 13, 2017; Scientific Reports, September 12, 2017). More research is needed to demonstrate the extent of the impact of these nanoparticles in tattoo ink.

God commands His people not to tattoo their bodies (Leviticus 19:28), because the human body is intended to be the “temple of the Holy Spirit” and should not be desecrated by disfigurement (1 Corinthians 6:19). Science is now showing that there are significant health benefits to keeping God’s commands about this practice. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, God’s laws and statutes are intended to bless and protect those who obey them, and science continues to bear out this profound truth. For more information on God’s view of tattoos, be sure to read “Body Ink: What Does God Think?