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Parental Rights Eroding in Scotland

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The Scottish National Party is working hard to change the values of the nation. According to legal experts, proposed legislation, drafted with the help of trans activists, would effectively criminalize actions taken by parents to prevent their children from dressing differently from their birth gender (Telegraph, February 12, 2024). One Scottish lawyer said plainly that, if the legislation is passed, “parents who actively and consistently and directly oppose their child’s decision to, for example, present as a different gender from that given at birth would be committing a criminal offence.” If parents are found guilty, they could serve up to seven years in prison and face financial punishment. Experts have also warned that the broad wording of the proposed legislation could be wielded against parents who seek to prevent their children from dressing in a provocative or sexually explicit way. Actions taken by clergy could be similarly criminalized. On reviewing the proposal, the deputy director of the Christian Institute, a religious organization in Scotland, warned, “Ordinary mums and dads face criminalisation for trying to extract their kids from the grip of radical trans ideology. Church leaders face prosecution for not praying in accordance with state dogmas.”

What used to be fringe elements of society are gaining power and influence in the governments of many Western nations, including those descended from ancient Israel. Their radical, “woke” agendas and biblically perverted perspectives are gaining ground and being used to force society to adopt their own views. Why is society abandoning biblical values at such a rapid pace? Did you know that your Bible has the answers? To learn more, watch “Humanity’s Moral Meltdown.”