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The Future of Migrants Who Die

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Growing numbers of migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe. Many more are dying after arrival and are buried in unmarked graves. According to The Guardian, “at least 1,015 men, women and children who died at the borders of Europe in the past decade were buried before they were identified…. These, however, are the tip of the iceberg. More than 29,000 people died on European migration routes in this period, the majority of whom remain missing” (December 8, 2023).

While the numbers might seem low to some, every death is connected to a family—to a spouse, children, parents, or others. Many migrants are fleeing political or religious persecution or difficult social or economic situations, and often pay exorbitant fees for unsafe and illegal border crossings. Sadly, many die in the process of seeking a better life .But what is the future of migrants who die on their journey—many of whom may not even believe in the God of the Bible?

God says that all human beings are made in His image (Genesis 1:26) and that our lives are precious to Him (Luke 12:6–7). The Bible also describes God as loving and compassionate. It reveals that all those who die will live again (Acts 24:15), including those who perish at sea or are buried in unmarked graves. Be sure to watch “What Happens When You Die?” to learn the surprising truth of what God has in mind for mankind.