Will Japan Militarize Again?

News and Prophecy Staff
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Last week’s re-election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seen by most as a referendum on his political objectives. One of his key aims is to revise the constitution to allow for the development and deployment of offensive military power. “His goal is to rewrite the war-renouncing Constitution by 2020” (Japan Times, October 23, 2017). With the growing threat from North Korea, this issue is of increasing importance to the leaders and people of Japan (Reuters, October 23, 2017).

Bible prophecy reveals that at the end of the age, prior to Christ’s return, a massive 200-million-man army from the east will be one of the major end-time powers making war (Revelation 9:13-20). This Asian superpower will likely involve China, Russia and other eastern nations with the military and economic power to support such an army. Japan could be part of this group, but it will need to rearm in order for this to happen. To grasp the real significance of current events and where they are leading, it is important to be aware of end-time Bible prophecies. For more prophetic insights about the future, read our commentary “Japan—and the United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.”