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Is Darwinism Dead?

Is Darwinism Dead?

  Original Air Date: 6th June 2019

Is Darwinian evolution the fact you’ve been told it is?  Or is there reason to doubt Darwin? Many discoveries made over the last half century call into question whether life as we know it could possibly be the result of random chance.  And if empirical evidence is not on Darwin’s side, this has serious implications for how we got here, and whether there is a purpose for our existence.

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Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss

Many claim that life has evolved over billions of years through blind forces of nature. Others declare that not only the earth, but also the whole universe was created by God only 6,000 years ago. Both ideas can’t be right. But both can certainly be wrong.

What are the facts that both sides fail to see? Can the Bible be reconciled with science?

And what is the true history of the earth—and of life?

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