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Is Darwinism Dead?

Is Darwinism Dead?

Is Darwinian evolution the fact you’ve been told it is?  Or is there reason to doubt Darwin? Many discoveries made over the last half century call into question whether life as we know it could possibly be the result of random chance.  And if empirical evidence is not on Darwin’s side, this has serious implications for how we got here, and whether there is a purpose for our existence.

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Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss

  • The theory of evolution is often described as an undeniable fact, proven by science. Does the evidence demand such a conclusion?
  • Young-earth creationists claim that Earth and the universe were created 6,000 years ago. Does the Bible really teach that?
  • How should the evidence of our world and the teachings of the Bible be understood? What is the truth about the origin of the world and of life?
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