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Is Europe Preparing for War?

Is Europe Preparing for War?

The world is an increasingly dangerous and volatile place. European leaders are taking more command of their own defense. Is that good? Is that bad? The Bible predicts the sudden and dramatic rise of an end-time superpower. It will burst on the world scene as a surprise to most of humanity. What is going on? And what will be the result of a new arms race between China, Russia, the United States and other nations? Who will dominate the rest of the 21st century? And perhaps we should ask a slightly more unexpected question: Is Europe preparing for War?

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The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality?

How will global religiopolitical developments affect you and your family? Will a world dictator soon appear? Just who or what is the beast, and will you receive its infamous mark? Read on for the startling answers!

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