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Douglas S. Winnail

The Third Horseman: Unprecedented Famine Ahead

Hands holding an empty bowl on cracked ground hunger concept

The third of the famous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse pictures food shortages such as the world has never seen, following on the heels of horrific warfare that lies just ahead for mankind!

The Second Horseman: Violence and War

Red horseman

In the Book of Revelation, a terrifying red horse carries a rider who will bring destruction. But has he already set forth, and is another world war on the horizon?

The Mysterious First Horseman

Vatican at dusk

Many wonder: What are the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Who—or what—do they represent? The Bible reveals that they are actually forces at work in the world right now, and the first rider on a white horse is not Jesus Christ the returning King! In fact, the Messiah gives us the real answer, Himself.

Forgotten Lessons of History

Coliseum ruins at Sunrise

There are sins that destroy civilizations. The consequences are clear throughout human history.

What’s Behind the War on History?

Defaced Columbus statue

History is under siege. Long-acknowledged facts are being “rewritten” as heroes are made villains and students of Western civilization are taught to hate their heritage. But why? What forces are working behind it all? And how will the war on history end?