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Douglas S. Winnail

Your Bible Is a Diet Book, Too!

Bible and bread on a wooden board biblical diet

Many people claim that Jesus Christ “did away” with Old Testament food laws and other “restrictions,” but your entire Bible actually contains practical wisdom for how to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid disease and frustration. Learn the blessings behind the Levitical laws and other principles of good health found in Scripture.

A World Deceived

Man in a TV on puppet strings

How much of true Christianity has been lost over the millennia since Jesus’ ministry? Why did Jesus Christ forewarn His people about mass religious deception leading right up to the end of the age?

The Fourth Horseman: Disease Epidemics

Virologist in hazmat suit looking outside

Will you be ready for the coming of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse? The Bible speaks of a time when disease epidemics will be the consequence of a world descending into chaos. But there is hope for a cure, and a coming intervention that will bring peace to mankind.

The Third Horseman: Unprecedented Famine Ahead

Hands holding an empty bowl on cracked ground hunger concept

The third of the famous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse pictures food shortages such as the world has never seen, following on the heels of horrific warfare that lies just ahead for mankind!

The Second Horseman: Violence and War

Red horseman

In the Book of Revelation, a terrifying red horse carries a rider who will bring destruction. But has he already set forth, and is another world war on the horizon?