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Douglas S. Winnail

Misguided Education and the Decline of Western Civilization

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The Western nations are drowning in a rising tide of social pathologies—violent crime, increasing incivility, political corruption, unsustainable debt, widespread drug abuse, depression, and suicide. People are feeling a loss of purpose and of religious belief, as the society around them shows a growing animosity toward the historical accomplishments of Western civilization. Are we truly witnessing the demise of the West?

Contagion: Defeating Infectious Disease

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What causes coronavirus and other deadly outbreaks? Can we prevent them? Does the Bible hold important keys for overcoming the global challenge of infectious disease? Can religion play a role in promoting health and preventing illness? You’ll find the answers in this excerpt from Chapter 4 of our newest booklet, Biblical Principles of Health.

The Miracle at Midway

The Miracle at Midway

World War II saw one of the greatest naval victories in history. When historians and Hollywood filmmakers tell the tale of Midway, what important truth do they ignore?

The Rise of Modern Paganism

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Ancient nature religions, long thought dead by many, are reemerging across Western nations. Why is this happening? And what does it portend?