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Douglas S. Winnail

The Miracle at Midway

The Miracle at Midway

World War II saw one of the greatest naval victories in history. When historians and Hollywood filmmakers tell the tale of Midway, what important truth do they ignore?

The Rise of Modern Paganism

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Ancient nature religions, long thought dead by many, are reemerging across Western nations. Why is this happening? And what does it portend?

History’s Ultimate Turning Point

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Throughout this series of “Turning Points” articles, we have explored a major missing dimension in our modern view of the world and our understanding of history. While many today doubt that God exists, we have repeatedly shown how the God of the Bible has intervened in human affairs at critical points to guide the progression of history—as He alone is able to do (Job 12:23; Daniel 2:21; 4:25, 32, 34).

Do You Really Want to Eat That?

An ancient source of wisdom, supported by findings in science and medicine, says we need to change our habits and rethink what we consider to be “food.”

The Coming Clash of Civilizations

The Coming Clash of Civilizations

Western nations have dominated much of the world for nearly five centuries. During this era, European nations—and later, the United States—gained power and spread the influence of Western civilization over much of the globe. China and Japan were forcibly opened to European and American trade. Africa, India, and much of Asia were overwhelmed and carved up by Western powers. The Russian Empire fell to the communists and then lost the Cold War to the West.