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John Meakin

The Diamond Queen

“She is a small woman with a globally familiar face, a hundred carat smile … a thousand year history at her back… She is wry and knowing, but she feels a calling… She has been shrewd, kind and wise.”

Margaret Thatcher: A Lady "Not for Turning!"

As news of “Maggie” Thatcher’s death hit the headlines, tributes began pouring in from around the UK and right across the world—from friends and foes alike. For, like her or loathe her, you could never ignore her—her leadership, her iron will and indomitable spirit, her total conviction and self-belief, and the remarkable impact that she made on her country and upon the world stage that she dominated. Hers is a truly remarkable legacy that will be discussed and debated for months and years to come. It will take books to do justice to all she accomplished.

Margaret Thatcher: Her Life And Legacy

Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of Britain, became a worldwide phenomenon—a symbol of national revival and restored values. Perhaps only Winston Churchill—Britain’s World War II leader against Nazi tyranny—bears comparison. Many came to love and respect what they accomplished and both were patriots who came to the fore at crucial times.With her death in April, at age 87, many are considering her legacy to Britain and the other English-speaking nations.

Horsemeat Nightmare

Did you hear the joke about the beef burger that went into the pub to ask for a pint? “I can’t hear you,” complains the bartender. “Sorry” replies the burger, clutching his throat. “I’m a little horse.”

Will the United Kingdom Break Apart?

In this year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, the flag of the United Kingdom has been in evidence everywhere. There is nothing more potent and iconic as a symbol of the Union than the Union Jack, as it is called.