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The EU After Brexit: Better Without the Euro?

Broken Euro coin on white background

If the United Kingdom takes Brexit hard, some wonder, then how will the European Union’s economy fare? Will the EU collapse? Bible prophecy indicates that major changes are ahead for the powers of Europe.

Brexit: The Quest Continues

Scotland and Northern Ireland present unique challenges to Brexit’s engineers.

Overcoming Pandemic Fear: God's Way

Article: London Calling - Overcoming Pandemic Fear: God's Way

What can biblical health laws and the principles of godly love teach us about overcoming a major pandemic? More than you might think!

Brexit Day 2020

Big Ben

The day the United Kingdom finally Left the European Union will be a date to remember in a turbulent year of change.

Can the World Wide Web Be Rescued?

 The invention of the World Wide Web changed the world. But this staple of modern life has taken a dark turn, and its inventor hopes to save it.