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The Coronation of King Charles III

Westminster Abbey for coronation

Soon, the United Kingdom will formally crown King Charles III. Coronation is an ancient rite with biblical roots—but how many understand the true significance of the English throne?

Britain’s Growing Identity Crisis

Britain’s Growing Identity Crisis

Is Britain still a “Christian” society? Modern demographics indicate that this once-great Western nation may be adrift on a tide of moral and religious apathy.

A Uniquely Special Throne

Westminster Abbey backlit by sunrise

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is indisputably the end of an era. But what does the future hold for the British royal family—and the world—before Jesus Christ returns?

Britain After Boris: What Lies Ahead?

Britain After Boris: What Lies Ahead?

In the United Kingdom and around the world, honest politics is the reigning oxymoron of our day. Will there ever come a time when we can place complete trust in our national leaders?

The Holocaust: Never Again?

Candle with barbed wire and Israeli flag holocaust never again concept

Was the Holocaust the worst atrocity in history? Jesus Christ prophesied of an even more terrible time of great tribulation to come upon the world. Are there real answers in the Bible for how to truly make war and genocide things of the past—forever?