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John Meakin

Sixty Years a Monarch

Throughout 2012, the United Kingdom is celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This much-loved monarch has now been 60 years on the throne, during which time the world around her has changed immeasurably. This celebration thus provides an apt and appropriate occasion to cast a backward look at “Queen and Country”—and to assess the state of the monarchy and nation.

New Europe Rising!

As 2012 gets under way, the European Union is facing unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval. The governments and peoples of Europe have become mired in social, political and economic distress that is throwing the future of the EU into crisis. Already the world outside Europe is feeling the effects, as national banks have flooded world markets with dollar liquidity, hoping to stave off global economic collapse.

Who Guards the Guardians?

Octogenarian Rupert Murdoch's fall from grace was as swift as it was humbling. Back in June, the media mogul's News International television and newspaper empire was riding high. His Sun and News of the World newspapers and Sky Television were generating fabulous profits, keeping alive less profitable papers such as The Times and Sunday Times. Murdoch enterprises held a commanding position in the United Kingdom media marketplace—which, in turn, guaranteed Murdoch unprecedented power and access to leaders across society.

Four Hundred Years of the King James Bible

The most influential book ever written in English marks its 400th anniversary this year. In 1611, a monumental project came to completion that had engaged more than 50 of England's finest scholars for seven years—an English-language Bible translation that remains widely treasured as a masterpiece of scholarship, clarity and beauty of expression.

A New Age of Austerity

The United Kingdom, mired in a deep recession and overwhelmed by its debts, is in deep trouble. It all began with a collapse in the housing market back in 2007 due to speculative excesses. Since then, many people have lost their homes and many businesses have failed.