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John Meakin

Turning Points

The very fabric and cohesion of British society is failing, its former values and standards have been eroded, its belief in God and the way of life He espouses (however imperfectly that was applied) progressively abandoned. The rot has set in, and evidence of moral decay is all around. In a wider sense, British society itself is broken!

Thinking the Unthinkable?

Is it even remotely possible that the once-strong U.S. could collapse under the weight of inexorably burgeoning debts?

Here Comes the Sun?

For years, mainstream media have taken "human-induced global warming" for granted. Now, as more and more doubts are being raised, can a non-scientist hope to discern the truth behind the controversy? With the help of Scripture, you can understand!

Welcome to the New EU!

The previous European Community, with its implication of separate countries grouped together, has now ceased to exist and is replaced by the new European Union. This now has primacy of law over member states and inherits the legislative powers formerly given to the Community.

Lest We Forget...

How will wars end and be replaced by peace? When Britain's last surviving World War I soldier died last July, what else died with him? Has the world learned the lessons of war—and will it ever learn the lessons of peace? Your Bible has the answer!