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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

Can America Police the World?

As the world's only remaining superpower, can—and should—the United States use its economic and military strength to enforce its values on other nations? Bible prophecy warns that U.S. entanglements overseas will play a vital role in end-time events soon to come!

Pornography: Pleasurable Pastime or Toxic Threat?

Through television, movies and the Internet, pornography is today more available than ever before. More and more people are finding themselves caught up in pornography. How does this affect society—and is there a way out for those who have become addicted?

Is Christmas Christian?

To billions around the world, no time of the year is more eagerly anticipated than the Christmas season. "'Tis the season to be jolly," is how the song goes. Of course, for many people, Christmas can be a depressing season, emphasizing their loneliness and isolation from family.

Do You Know the Real Jesus?

When you think of Jesus Christ, do you think of the weak and effeminate Jesus often portrayed in the media? The Bible reveals the real Jesus—and He is quite different from what many imagine!

Will the Terrorists Win?

The "war on terrorism" has cost billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of lives. Cherished assumptions about freedom and liberty are being called into question, as the world responds to an unprecedented threat. How will it end? Does Bible prophecy offer any hope?