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The “Global South” vs. the Liberal West

The “Global South” vs. the Liberal West

Many are familiar with the tremendous impact of professing Christian evangelism in spreading the Bible and Judeo-Christian values around the globe. Such efforts have influenced developing cultures for over four centuries. Many missionaries and other religious workers even died bringing their message to non-Western societies. However, today’s evangelists and missionaries from developing countries now rebuke and express disappointment in the Western “mother countries” that are drifting ever further from the Bible.

Whose Birthday is It?

Come December 25, someone gets a birthday party! But it isn’t who most people think, as they prepare once again to celebrate Christmas. Along with Easter, Christmas is one of the most recognized holidays on the calendar. Professing Christians worldwide look to its various traditions for warmth, comfort, and inspiration. But, did the first Christians actually celebrate it? Was a Jesus Christ birthday festival—no matter the date—based upon true Christian belief?

The Festival Season is Here

Summer, one of my favorite seasons, is waning in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s hot and humid here in the American South, but everything about it—family trips, Fourth of July celebrations, and even the weather—is a wellspring of memories for me.

One of my greatest joys was one many kids in the North American school system shared. That was the “release” from school and a few months to enjoy that “freedom” with warmth and enthusiasm! I fondly recall many summer experiences from playing outdoors with friends.

Don't Quote Me on That!

Have you ever browsed Facebook, Twitter, or your e-mails and found an irresistible quote, perhaps shared with you by one of your online friends? A quote you’ve never read, a quote from some famous person, a short, pithy message that was too memorable not to pass on? And so, even if you aren’t the online “sharing” type, you give it a shot; point-click-send, and there it goes to all your friends, followers, or contacts. You’ve just become another link in a chain, spreading some inspiring nugget across your little slice of the social network.

Remembering the Berlin Airlift

In June 1948, the Soviet Union blockaded the divided, war-ravaged city of Berlin. Resentful of Allied plans for German reunification, they closed the capital’s roads, railways and rivers. Ever the ruthless provocateur, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin hoped his former allies would abandon their half of the city. Then, with complete control over Berlin, the Soviets could gain a major victory over the West.