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May-June 2019

The “Global South” vs. the Liberal West
Turning Points in World History

Many are familiar with the tremendous impact of professing Christian evangelism in spreading the Bible and Judeo-Christian values around the globe. Such efforts have influenced developing cultures for over four centuries. Many missionaries and...

Debtor Nation
Oh Canada!

The clock ticks at an astonishing rate. Numbers in the far right column change before they can even be read. Higher and higher they go. This is no ordinary clock. It is a “debt clock” that allows viewers to watch as Canada...

There’s a Hole in the Bucket
The Works of His Hands

An unusual relationship between an odd orchid and its bee accomplice has much to teach us about whether the world is an accident or the work of a Designer.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

The Difficult Way and the Light Burden

Question: If the gate is narrow and the way difficult, as Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 7:13–14, then how could His yoke be easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:30...

Letter to the Editor

I first saw your literature at a doctor’s office, started reading it, and was so impressed by it that I asked the lady at the desk if I could take it with me. Then I received a magazine from a friend who picked it up and gave it to me because he...

March-April 2019

The Devil’s Deadly Deceptions
Cover Story

Satan is the most deceptive being in the universe. Most of the world is under his sway! How can you recognize his lies and escape them?

Why Observe Easter? The Hunt for the Truth
Feature Story

Millions all over the world claim to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. But does this holiday truly honor the Son of God? You need to know the truth.

What Is the Draw of Sharia Law?
Article 1

Though it is often described as strict and harsh, many Muslims all over the world are choosing Sharia law. Why? Their motivations may surprise you.

Answering the Great Question
Article 2

It’s the question of our lives. But where can we find the answer?

There is a natural curiosity that young children possess. They look upon scenic environments with wonder, awed by the beauty and the variety of plant and...

A Meditation on Bread and Empty Shelves
Article 3

Only one kind of bread never runs out.