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May-June 2020

Big Ben
London Calling

The day the United Kingdom finally Left the European Union will be a date to remember in a turbulent year of change.

Presiding Evangelist Gerald Weston

Is the COVID-19 pandemic a wake-up call? How can you survive the stress and make sense of what is happening in our world today? And who can you turn to for answers?

Soldiers marching
Oh Canada!

What does it say about us when hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer really is our best pre-crisis planning?

Letter to the Editor

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March-April 2020

Cold War Secrets, Broken Arrows, and the Fate of Humanity Article Image
Cover Story

Cold War documents, kept secret for decades, reveal how startlingly close our planet came to nuclear Armageddon! As the world takes greater and greater risks with weapons of unimaginable ferocity, Bible prophecy reveals the true future ahead of...

Does God Exist? How Can You Know? Article Image
Feature Story

In a secular world full of skeptics, is God relevant anymore? Is He an obsolete idea, or a living Creator with whom you can have a real relationship? The good news is that God is not just real—He is alive, and He is waiting for you to make...

Seven Steps to Happiness Article Image
Article 1

Countless people spend their lives searching for happiness and contentment, but how many ever find it? What if someone gave you concrete physical and spiritual steps you can take to be a happier person?

Fun and Fulfillment Article Image
Article 2

We all need play. But we all need more than play, too.

"Clean Up Your Mess!": Raising Responsible Children Article Image
Tomorrow’s Youth

Let’s be honest with ourselves: We’ve all heard it from our parents in one form or another. How many times did your mother tell you, “Clean up your mess”?

London Calling

Ever since the Acts of Union in 1707 brought the kingdoms of Scotland and England together as Great Britain, Scotland has borne a somewhat strained relationship with her more powerful neighbour to the south. In 2007, when the Scottish National...