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November-December 2020

Gerald Weston: Presiding Evangelist

One might think that the year 2020 will go down as one of the most troubled years in modern history. We have seen unrest in many nations and regions around the world, from countries in Central and South America, to the United States, Europe, and...

Article: Oh Canada! - Modern Moral Theory and the Murray-Hill Riot
Oh Canada!

What would happen if your city stopped enforcing the law? Do we really need government intervention to prevent arson, robbery, and murder? Or does law enforcement only lead to suspicion, discrimination, and escalation?

Ground squirrel judging you
The Works of His Hands

The smallest creatures can sometimes teach the greatest lessons. What can one humble gopher show us about the intricacy of God’s creative engineering?

Article: Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

Has mankind been given 6,000 years to rule itself?

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

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September-October 2020

Digital thumbprint in orange and blue light
Cover Story

Advances in privacy-invading technology are rapidly paving the way for the fulfillment of prophecy.

Tattered American flag second civil war
Feature Story

What do the current unrest and economic turmoil portend for the United States and the future of its people? Does the Bible really mention America in prophecy, and—if so—what does it foretell?

Out of forgiveness sign on window
Article 1

Have you committed a sin so serious that you can no longer be saved? Are you afraid that you will “get what you deserve” after you die? Is there an unforgivable sin? What does your Bible really say about forgiveness—and whether God still...

Teardrop or rain on dry dusty ground
Article 2

Jesus was often moved with compassion for those in need. Will you learn from His example?

Black and white bricks divided wall
Article 3

A civilization rife with division is doomed. Is there any way to move forward?