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November-December 2017

Questions and Answers

What is an “antichrist”?

Letter to the Editor

I am writing mainly to thank you very much for the noble task you are doing in enlightening the world through your free literature and magazines. I have been studying the Bible for quite some time. I even have an undergraduate degree from a...

September-October 2017

Cover Story

The world order that has prevailed since World War II is disintegrating. Tensions between nuclear-armed powers is growing, and the possibility of global warfare seems higher than it has been in decades. The Bible reveals that “World War III” is,...

Feature Story

It is vital that we understand the mistakes we sometimes make as parents that influence our children in ways we might not have anticipated.

Article 1

Was the Protestant movement a sincere attempt to restore New Testament Christianity? Do the “fruits” show that it was motivated and guided by the Spirit of God? Read the startling TRUTH in this fourth installment of Dr. Roderick C. Meredith’s...

Tomorrow’s Youth

Do you have a family cow? It’s quite likely that you don’t, and it’s likely that none of your neighbors do either. But if you lived in the 18th or 19th centuries, chances are you’d have a cow, a horse, or maybe an ox. You’d probably have some...

London Calling

Last year, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (DofE) for young people entered its 60th year. In all that time it has become phenomenally successful, and has grown to be the world’s leading youth achievement award. Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh,...


Life is short! It’s much shorter than we might have thought when we first became aware that someday our lives would come to an end. Young lovers sometimes romanticize about marrying, raising families, and growing old together, but the reality of...

Prophecy Comes Alive

It seems that no place is entirely safe from violence and terrorism. The memory of September 11, 2001 remains a painful scar on the national consciousness of the United States, but terrorism is a worldwide problem. In 2004, Madrid, Spain...

Turning Points in World History

How is it that a small, island kingdom came to shape so much of modern civilization?