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January 2021

Wired for Worship
The Works of His Hands

Have you ever considered: Why do we worship God? Is the human mind specifically designed to benefit from religious devotion? If so, what was our Creator’s purpose, and why does He want us to worship him? The answers may surprise you.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

Why did Jesus need to be baptized?

Letters to TW
Letter to the Editor

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November-December 2020

Holidays or Holy Days?
Cover Story

What do you celebrate—and why? Has today’s mainstream Christianity obscured vital truths about the biblical feasts and celebrations God gave His people? The truth about God’s own Holy Days can bring you closer to your Savior and change your life...

Praying hands over a bible
Feature Story

One of the most commonly known but often misunderstood teachings found in the Bible concerns repentance from sin. But what does it mean to repent? Is there more to this concept than a simple prayer?

Pills and politics
Article 1

Many people think that politics are more hateful and vitriolic than they have ever been, but the problem with mankind’s efforts at self-rule goes deeper than Red versus Blue, Republican versus Democrat, or Labour versus Conservative. Is a better...

Grandfather and grandson walking outdoors
Article 2

Remove one crucial element, and society falls apart.

Article: Protect the Next Generation from Fake History
Tomorrow’s Youth

Are modern institutions teaching your kids revisionist history—warped at best and just plain false at worst? What is the real missing ingredient that would help the next generation understand the wisdom of generations past?

Article: London Calling - Overcoming Pandemic Fear: God's Way
London Calling

What can biblical health laws and the principles of godly love teach us about overcoming a major pandemic? More than you might think!

Article: NewsWatch
Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37 | "And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!"