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September 2021

World Trade Center memorial lights with cityscape
Cover Story

Two decades ago, people awoke to find that Al Qaeda extremists had destroyed the Twin Towers, leaving America—and much of the world—in tears and anger. A generation later, we find ourselves waking up to a very different world—one with new threats...

White and black heads or outlines drawn on a chalkboard
Feature Story

Critical Race Theory and related philosophies are stirring passionate controversy and debate. But what does the theory really mean? What does the Creator of mankind think of its central ideas? And when will humanity finally see an end to racial...

Elderly hands on a cane

Is there an afterlife, and if so, what will everlasting life be like—and what will you do with it? It’s a question that has haunted mankind from the very beginning—or has it? Did the God who created everything we see put us on earth for this one...

Broken Euro coin on white background
Article 1

If the United Kingdom takes Brexit hard, some wonder, then how will the European Union’s economy fare? Will the EU collapse? Bible prophecy indicates that major changes are ahead for the powers of Europe.

Tomorrow’s Youth

Children love toys and can learn some very important lessons from them. What are some ways you can use toys to teach your children God’s principles for life?

Ireland at 100
London Calling

Will Ireland ever unite, or will all or part of it leave the United Kingdom? What will the outcome mean for the future of both Brexit and the EU? After a century of trial and trouble, Ireland may be facing greater uncertainty than ever.

Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

People often wonder: Will war ever end? The Bible says it will—do you want to know how?

Questions and Answers

Did Jesus Go to Paradise on the Day He Died?

Letter to the Editor

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