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September-October 2018

A Universe Tailored Just for You
The Works of His Hands

On June 28, 2018, NewScientist magazine published an online article titled “A fine-tuned universe may be controversial but can’t be ignored.” What are they talking about?

Questions and Answers

Is Halloween a Christian holiday?

Question: Is there any connection between Christianity and the October 31 celebration of Halloween?

Letter to the Editor

We have received your publication for years. Thank you. In our view, it is one of the best available, and we trust it is spreading the word much better than most. We often watch the TV show and sorely miss Rod King—who I personally consider one...

July-August 2018

Cover Story

Since the Tower of Babel, many have tried and failed to establish a single, global government. Yet the Bible prophesies that one-world government is coming!

Feature Story

The number of people realizing the truth about abortion is growing. Is there hope for those who have already made the mistake of having an abortion?

Article 1

Germany has arguably become the most powerful nation in Europe. Bible prophecy describes Germany’s future and its impact on the world.

Article 2

“Toxic masculinity” or masculine leadership?

The High Cost of High Intensity
Tomorrow’s Youth

Entertainment is not what it used to be. But are we paying a price for the “upgrade”? For example, compare the recent DC films to the 1960s “Batman” television series. Some modern superhero ensembles such as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”...

London Calling

Many recently celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and his radical ideas. But was his the revolution the world truly needs?

Gerald Weston

The United States and many other Western nations are at a crossroads. Free speech is dying, and if it dies, so will many other things.