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July-August 2020

Viruses under a microscope rendition
The Works of His Hands

COVID-19 has made viruses front-page news on a daily basis, but how many of us understand what they actually are? Is a virus alive or not? How do viruses work? How do they fit into the scheme of God’s creation?

Questions and Answers

This issue of Tomorrow's World presents you the answer to the difficult question "How can God be jealous?"

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May-June 2020

Girl at the airport wearing a mask
Cover Story

How many people understand the significance of this modern plague in light of Bible prophecy? Follow one Evangelist's experience traveling ahead of the COVID-19 crisis.

Bats looking down
Feature Story

What causes coronavirus and other deadly outbreaks? Can we prevent them? Does the Bible hold important keys for overcoming the global challenge of infectious disease? Can religion play a role in promoting health and preventing illness? You’ll...

Happy family

In a time of widespread fear, people are searching for peace, health, and security. But are they searching in the right place, and are they seeking the ultimate source of true prosperity? There are clear promises of God in the Bible—you need to...

Covid 19 letter blocks on coins
Article 1

Pestilence and pandemics are mentioned in Bible prophecy, and they infect the global economy along with the world population. How could this coronavirus outbreak affect entire nations for years to come?

The Bible’s Health Laws vs. Coronavirus
Article 2

The COVID-19 crisis exposes the "role of the bowl" in our global illnesses, showing that sometimes what's eating you is a matter of what you're eating.

Plague doctor walking
Article 3

Knowing what is ahead and what it all means goes beyond simply understanding the Book of Revelation. Many parts of Bible prophecy speak of pestilence and tribulation in the end times. Will a deeper knowledge of these future events help lead you...

Small family
Tomorrow’s Youth

God's Principles can bring peace of mind and help you guide your children through the coronavirus pandemic.