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January-February 2018

Letter to the Editor

I have enjoyed and learned so much from the Tomorrow’s World magazine and the booklets I have received. The Bible Study Course was also fantastic. Thanks!

I have been reading the Reformation series: “The Truth Behind the...

November-December 2017

Cover Story

While the debates over legalized marijuana rage, who is taking the time to ask the right questions and look at the facts?

Feature Story

The United States is seeing increasing turmoil in all quarters—turmoil that was prophesied long ago. What is the solution?

Article 1

Completely freed from the authority of Papal Rome, Luther’s own authority begins to grow, as do political power plays and struggles against rivals.

Article 2

Customs with a Curse

'Tis the season—a time for beautiful music, lovely pageantry, parties, fun and family time, the annual bedlam in shopping malls, specialty stores and discount houses and, increasingly, over the...

Tomorrow’s Youth

In July of 1952, Florence Chadwick was already a famous long-distance swimmer. Almost two years before, she had swum the English Channel from France to England, then—a year later—she swam it again in the other direction. No one would accuse her...

London Calling

British intervention in the history of the Jewish people continues to impact the world a century later.


How often most of us have heard others say, “Experience is the best teacher.” But is it? Experience is certainly one way to learn, and for many it is a sure teacher. This is because experience is often painful, and we generally do not want to...

Oh Canada!

Sometimes we put our faith in the wrong things, and the right things surprise us!

The Works of His Hands

The Bible tells us that, before man was created, our planet was “without form and void”—an utter ruin and an uninhabitable wasteland (Genesis 1:2). Yet God restored it and made it a beautiful paradise for humanity, filled with life, in only ...