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July-August 2019

Questions and Answers

What’s wrong with “Jesus pictures”?

Question: As much as Tomorrow’s World claims to be a Christian organization, I have never once seen it use any pictures, artwork, or graphics depicting Jesus...

Letter to the Editor

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I am enjoying all the free literature and DVDs that I have received. I am learning so much more than I already knew. Thank you for preaching and informing people of the truth. I really...

May-June 2019

Is Masculinity Really Toxic?
Cover Story

Social engineers from every corner are declaring traditional masculinity to be a source of harm and violence that needs to be discarded. Are they right?

What on Earth For?
Feature Story

The space race is heating up again! But should it? Are the benefits of space travel worth the risks? Our efforts in the final frontier need perspective.

One Man, One Woman: One Happy Marriage!
Article 1

We all want a happy marriage, but is it possible? Yes it is! Put these principles into practice and discover the marriage you have always wanted.

Why Gender Confusion?
Article 2

Male and female He created them.

Is gender really a matter of choice? God’s teachings clearly tell us otherwise. Years ago, a commercial featured a little boy and girl having a conversation about taking photographs. A...

Rushing to Judgment
Article 3

The modern world ignores ancient wisdom.

Many people today are quick to condemn others when they hear or see an accusation, even if proof is lacking. Social media lights up like an electrical storm, filled with hateful...

God’s Commandments: Curse or Blessing?
Tomorrow’s Youth

If you are an older teen or young adult, you may have come to understand that you need a guide—someone or something helping you to avoid the pitfalls that life will throw your way. The Bible can be that guide, and the Ten Commandments—and other...

Brexit: Britain’s Nightmare Divorce
London Calling

The effort to remove Britain from the European Union is proving far more formidable than many anticipated. Why? And where do we go from here?


Most of you reading this live in safe, stable neighborhoods—some of you have lived in the same home for decades. Many enjoy the stability of a long-time residence, sending their children to local schools, knowing and trusting the neighbors, and...