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April-May 2021

Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

A personal message from the Editor in Chief...

What Does It Mean to Lead by Example?
Oh Canada!

No one likes political hypocrisy—or any other kind of false or untrustworthy leadership! How will God’s plan solve this problem?

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

Should we try to convert unbelievers?

Letters to TW
Letter to the Editor

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March 2021

Ruins of a Greek temple in sunset
Cover Story

The ancient, heathen “gods” of old have been replaced—and their replacements are no better. The pagan temples of many false gods of the past may be turning to dust around us, but modern man is no less “creative” than his heathen ancestors....

Shining lightbulb in hand
Feature Story

In a world of growing economic trouble and uncertainty about the future, there are simple and practical steps you can take to find true success in life. You need to know—and apply—these vital principles!

Man with arm upraised standing on mountain
Article 1

Choosing what is right over what is easy can make you not only stronger but also happier!

Tools mask and remote work station
Article 2

The most crucial work of all is perhaps the least respected.

Different religious texts with hand which to choose
Article 3

Should you “make your own Bible,” as Emerson and other humanist philosophers have proposed? Or is God's word the only source of true spiritual knowledge and revelation?