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March-April 2017

London Calling

Three hundred miles to the east of South America lie the Falklands, a British Overseas Territory consisting of two main islands and over seven hundred smaller ones. The sovereignty of the Falklands, known to the Argentinians as the Islas Malvinas...


As Editor in Chief of this magazine, I have a God-given responsibility to genuinely serve all of you subscribers. Right now, tensions are at the boiling point in many nations! Millions in America are genuinely upset over the...

Turning Points in World History

In a previous article in this series, we saw how God dramatically intervened on numerous occasions to guide the course of history. We saw how He preserved and prepared Europe to play a unique role on the world stage (“...

Oh Canada!

Towards the end of the 19th century, physicists considered radio waves to be “invisible light.” In many respects, that is exactly what radio waves are: an electromagnetic frequency, oscillation or signal outside of the visible...

The Works of His Hands

All the reports and images we’ve received from the lunar landers, Mars rovers, Jovian orbiters, deep space probes and all other robotic explorers of our corner of the universe have carried the same message: It’s a mess out there. All of the...

Questions and Answers

“Good Friday” No Good?

Letter to the Editor

Thank you very much for the DVD on “Escape the Great Tribulation.” Thank you for faithfully sending me a copy of your free magazine. The articles are very enlightening, encouraging and informative. I have learned so much and look forward to...

January-February 2017

Cover Story

The fossil remains of dinosaurs and other creatures clearly point to life in an ancient past. But does this mean that the God described in the Bible does not exist?

Feature Story

Although most of our world is lost in confusion, your Bible reveals clear end-time events that will lead up to the return of Jesus Christ. Here are twelve key events about to impact your life!

Article 1

Many have risked their lives searching for riches in unlikely places. But did you know that God has promised you the greatest treasure of all? You can find it in the pages of your own Bible!