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November-December 2018

Dismissing Our History
Oh Canada!

There is much debate today about whether official monuments to flawed historical figures should be maintained. Could there be any unforeseen cost of their removal?

Singing Caterpillars
The Works of His Hands

Several issues ago we took a look at the remarkable transformation of caterpillar to butterfly (“The Butterfly: Master of Metamorphosis,” January-February 2018). But this humble creature has far more surprises in store for those willing to look...

Questions and Answers

How should a Christian approach Christmas?

Question: Does the Bible give any guidelines as to how Christians should observe Christmas?

Answer: Many are surprised to learn that there...

Letter to the Editor

Your book on marijuana is so inaccurate and full of Nixon-era disinformation. How can you be accurate on Bible meaning and so wrong on marijuana? The FDA just approved a marijuana-based medicine to treat epilepsy in kids.
Email from a...

September-October 2018

AIDS Can Be Stopped!
Cover Story

Much of the Western world has forgotten about AIDS, yet it continues to devastate millions of lives. But there is a guaranteed way to stop it forever.

Is Darwinian Evolution Dead?
Feature Story

Many claim that science proves evolution is a fact. However, discoveries such as the complex structures within living cells have proven quite the opposite!

Five Prophecies for the Middle East
Article 1

Bible prophecy points us to look to the Middle East as the end times approach! These five prophecies provide details you can watch for before the return of Christ.

If I Were a Rich Man…
Article 2

What is your best investment?

What if money were no object? Who hasn’t had this question put to them by a friend or acquaintance? What would be your answer? Would you decide to travel, buy a house or pay off your mortgage...

Can We Think of Eternal Life as a Tangible Asset?
Article 3

What should you be investing in?

When I was in high...

Making Good News
Tomorrow’s Youth

Do you ever get tired of hearing about all the struggles that so many people face in our world? One day, you hear that three in ten people don’t have access to good, safe water in their homes. That’s 2.1 billion people. The next day, you read...