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September-October 2019

Is Europe Preparing for War?
Cover Story

 Europe is increasingly building its own war-making capacity. What factors are causing this change, and how will this trend impact the world?

Unhappily Ever After?
Feature Story

 A disturbing new effort is underway to warp the minds of children so that they reject fundamental notions of true and false, right and wrong. Events like “Drag Queen Story Time” are telling a truly disturbing story to kids today, and it won’t...

Surviving—and Thriving—in Times of Stress
Article 1

 Studies consistently show that our world is becoming more stressful. The Bible provides principles that can help us not only cope with stress but grow from it!

The Treaty of Versailles: Examining a Legacy
Article 2

A century ago, the Treaty of Versailles ended World War I. While historians debate the treaty’s legacy, what is the true significance of the outcome?

Wars and Rumors of Wars
Article 3

Violence is the norm, not the exception.

Wars and rumors of wars. One cannot peruse the history of man without reading about endless conflicts, tribal massacres, and nations at war. Century after century, nations and...

Tomorrow’s Youth

A comment on Twitter recently caught my eye: “Sure, kids cost roughly $14,000 annually, but think about all the money you save from no longer having a social life.” It was tongue-in-cheek, but correct—kids are expensive!

A 2017 U....

5G—Revolution or Catastrophe?
London Calling

Have you heard about 5G? If you have, do you understand what it involves and what it might mean for you and your family? If you use a smartphone—and even if you do not—you should be concerned, because it’s quite likely 5G will be coming to where...

Article Image: The Ride Is Almost Over

A dear friend, now deceased, once told me that a few of his northern buddies gave him a hard time about his North Carolinian accent. “I don’t understand,” he said with his country wisdom. “Everyone has to come from some place.”

How right...

Article Image: History’s Ultimate Turning Point
Turning Points in World History

Throughout this series of “Turning Points” articles, we have explored a major missing dimension in our modern view of the world and our understanding of history. While many today doubt that God exists, we have repeatedly shown...

Canada Repudiates Its Legal Foundation
Oh Canada!

Many take issue with the presence of biblical principles in public matters. Yet the Bible has long been a fundamental part of our legal systems.