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March-April 2020

NewsWatch Article Image
Watch and Warn

Corruption and Violence Shake Northern Mexico

Gerald Weston

“There is a cause for every effect” is a simple axiom, yet how many truly consider it, much less understand it? How many realize that personally applying such practical wisdom can transform their lives?

I was about 20 years old when this...

Oh Canada! Article Image
Oh Canada!

How have abortion, the war on traditional family values, and the rise of questionable moral behavior contributed to the shrinking population growth in Western countries—and beyond?

God’s Creative Power Behind the Brainless Genius of the Sponge Article Image
The Works of His Hands

Most of us think of sponges as everyday household items. Their softness and absorbency make them versatile tools for cleaning our bodies, floors, and dishes, and for applying paint to our walls. Although the sponges we use today are likely to be...

Questions and Answers Article Image
Questions and Answers

Question: How do colorful eggs and bunny rabbits relate to Christ’s death and resurrection?

Answer: Anyone familiar with biology can quickly recognize that rabbits do not lay eggs. What do those symbols...

Letters to the Editor Article Image
Letter to the Editor

I just received from you yesterday the booklets The Bible: Fact or Fiction, Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You, and Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss. And I needed to tell you how surprised I was at your...

January-February 2020

Seven Signs of the Second Coming of Christ
Cover Story

Jesus Christ will return! And while many claim that we cannot know when He will arrive, the Bible gives us clear signs that will tell us the time is near.

Is Cannabis a Cure-All or a Scam?
Feature Story

The world is in love with cannabis, claiming that the plant and its popular oils can cure virtually anything that ails you. But, do the facts back up the claims?

The Miracle at Midway
Article 1

World War II saw one of the greatest naval victories in history. When historians and Hollywood filmmakers tell the tale of Midway, what important truth do they ignore?

The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship
Article 2

The Bible shows the difference between unjustified judgment and true discernment.