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September-October 2020

The Battle of Britain: Divine Intervention
London Calling

Why was the Battle of Britain important, and what significant lesson can we learn from it today? When the British saw their future balanced on the edge of a knife, did the country turn back to God? Is it turning its back on God today?

Stacked newspapers
Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37: “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

Gerald Weston

It was over at last! The Japanese surrendered on August 15, 1945, and the world was at peace for the first time since Adolf Hitler launched his invasion of Poland nearly six years earlier. Not every nation entered the war at the same...

COVID-19 Uncovers a Hidden Sin
Oh Canada!

What do God’s laws have to do with protecting the elderly from abuse or neglect? A sad situation has come about where the very services intended to care for the aged do not always work as expected, but the problem goes deeper. In the Fifth...

The Works of His Hands

The entire human body is truly a miracle of creation and a marvelous piece of divine engineering—and your blood is a wondrous work of God’s intelligent design, all on its own.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

How Can Judgment Day Be “More Tolerable” for Some?

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

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July-August 2020

Crashing wave over a man running into the sunset
Cover Story

How the perfect storm arrived in 2020 and why we’re not ready for the one biblical prophecy says is yet to come!

Open bible on a table white background
Feature Story

Your Bible shows plainly that Jesus Christ and the early church observed the seventh-day Sabbath. So did His first followers. Yet today, the vast majority of those calling themselves “Christian” worship on Sundays and do nothing to keep the...

boy in flannel shirt drawing on a chalk board
Article 1

The Western nations are drowning in a rising tide of social pathologies—violent crime, increasing incivility, political corruption, unsustainable debt, widespread drug abuse, depression, and suicide. People are feeling a loss of purpose and of...