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March-April 2019

Why Observe Easter? The Hunt for the Truth
Feature Story

Millions all over the world claim to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. But does this holiday truly honor the Son of God? You need to know the truth.

What Is the Draw of Sharia Law?
Article 1

Though it is often described as strict and harsh, many Muslims all over the world are choosing Sharia law. Why? Their motivations may surprise you.

Answering the Great Question
Article 2

It’s the question of our lives. But where can we find the answer?

There is a natural curiosity that young children possess. They look upon scenic environments with wonder, awed by the beauty and the variety of plant and...

A Meditation on Bread and Empty Shelves
Article 3

Only one kind of bread never runs out.

Expert Advice for Parents
Tomorrow’s Youth

In 2017, author Tom Nichols published a book titled The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters. Nichols makes the case that we are experiencing “the growth of an irrational conviction among...

NATO: Guardian of Peace?
London Calling

For 70 years, NATO has been a key player in efforts to establish world peace. Yet our global problems remain. Will we ever achieve peace?


Brits were fed up with Brussels telling them which cucumbers met European Union beauty standards and could therefore be sold in market. That was minor compared to fishing quotas placed on waters the British considered to be their own. Then there...

The Coming Clash of Civilizations
Turning Points in World History

Western nations have dominated much of the world for nearly five centuries. During this era, European nations—and later, the United States—gained power and spread the influence of Western civilization over much of the globe. China and Japan were...

The Great Intendant
Oh Canada!

In the history of every successful nation, company, or team, there is at some point a person who provides groundbreaking leadership, making the difference between success and failure and between ordinary and great. This was truly...

Our Moon: Faithful Witness in the Sky
The Works of His Hands

It is easy to take the moon for granted. However, life on earth would not be the same without it—in fact, life might not be possible at all!