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March-April 2018

Feature Story

The series continues: Motivated by the passions and ambitions of King Henry VIII, England joins the revolt against the religious authority of the pope.

Article 1

Some claim He is only a myth, while others say He was merely a man. But who was the real Jesus Christ? And what does His life and message mean today?

Tomorrow’s Youth

One of the biggest challenges facing young people and their parents today is how to approach education after high school. For most families in America and much of the world, going to college has become synonymous with taking the first step toward...

London Calling

As an eight-year-old, my late father-in-law watched the Battle of Britain unfold in the skies over the south of England—an air battle waged for the very survival of the nation. Inspired by this boyhood experience, he entered the Royal Air Force (...


This past year, I had the opportunity to team up with the Northeast Regional Pastor of the Living Church of God, Jonathan McNair, to give a live Tomorrow’s World presentation in Manhattan, New York. These presentations are opportunities...

Turning Points in World History

Driven by a sense of purpose and destiny, the United States spreads coastto-coast. Was an unseen hand at work?

Oh Canada!

In World War I, the race was on to defeat a deadly enemy who could not be seen.

The Works of His Hands

A never-ending war is underway, and you are at the very center of the battle. In fact, it is taking place beneath your own skin.

Microscopic pathogens—such as deadly bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites—may be so small they cannot be...

Questions and Answers

What Does It Mean to Preach Christ?

Letter to the Editor

I received my November-December magazine​ and, as always, I flipped through the pages. When I got to the “Oh Canada” page, my eyes were very quick to see the community name just north of us, Gjoa Haven, and I thought to myself, “What’s ...