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June 2021

Oh Canada!

Bible prophecy reveals that mankind’s history will end in self-destruction—unless God turns things around.

Milky Way over the ocean
The Works of His Hands

God designed the earth and the sea—as well as the human heart and mind. His word can help you develop mental discipline you need to find your way.

Questions and Answers

How should we keep God’s Sabbath?

Letter to the Editor

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April-May 2021

Hands cupping a tattered star of David
Cover Story

The history of Jewish persecution reveals more about the war against morals, religion, and godly wisdom than many realize. What is the true, evil root of this persistent hatred against the descendants of Israel—and how does it concern you?

Man reaching towards a wall of clouds with doves
Feature Story

Almost no question has haunted the minds of human beings more than that of whether there is life after death—and, today, many intellectual giants would have you believe that the only rational answer is “No.” Are they right? Is there an afterlife...

White stone statue of Mary
Article 1

Mary, mother of Jesus, is among the most well-known figures venerated in Catholic devotions and liturgy. But too few understand the real origins behind the religious rites and customs that bear her name.

Bible open on table with happy Easter question
Article 2

Scripture exposes the truth behind this beloved holiday.

Red umbrella alone from black umbrellas
Article 3

You’ve probably heard the expression “Right is right, even if everyone’s against it.” The Bible shows that it’s true—and that standing by it brings blessings from God!

Safe or Strong? Preparing Children for Life, Trials, and Character Building
Tomorrow’s Youth

Parents worry about how to keep their kids safe while also helping them grow strong. You can do both, and the Bible shows you how.