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I was sure I would gain a lot when I requested your free literature from the Internet. And it really happened when I received a booklet and the magazine with the cover article "Abortion: A Modern Holocaust?" [March-April 2005]. It didn't take me more than a day to read the magazine and write you this letter. I am a medical student in Ethiopia, where abortion is not yet legalized. I had been having the view that abortion should be legalized. But now I have changed my mind after reading your magazine. The biblical evidence and the figures for the "reasons" for abortion have changed me much. Thank you very much, and God bless you!

E. G., Oromiya, Ethiopia

I just received my first copy of Tomorrow's World, and immediately absorbed every tidbit of information. I was truly touched by Charles E. Bryce's "A Legacy of Character" [May-June 2005]. Every article was surely a truth few care to hear. I myself am enthralled by current events and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

B. O., Coal Township, PA

Thank you for sending me the reprint article "Is God Really a Trinity?" by John H. Ogwyn. It was very helpful. I shared the article with a couple of my friends, and they thought it to be more believable than believing in the Trinity. I appreciate your literature very much, as not too many people talk about prophecy these days. Everybody is just concerned about the present, and they miss out on seeing the real truth. Keep up the good work, informing us of the good news of things to come.

D. A., Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

I just received my May-June issue of Tomorrow's World. I want to thank Mr. Rod Reynolds for the fine article entitled, "Did Jesus Break The Sabbath?" The article was well-written and used convincing sources from the writings and research of Alfred Edersheim, coupled with the Mishna and other traditional Jewish sources to make the very sound point that Jesus kept the law—including the Sabbath during His life. The article was very consistent with Scripture and the teaching and practices of the Jews, and clearly proved that Jesus did observe the Sabbath—albeit not with the additional burdens added by some Pharisees, but considering the Scripture, the very Word of God as His guide. A very good article, indeed.

D. H., Allen, TX

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed John H. Ogwyn's article, "Evolution: Fact or Fiction?" [May-June 2005]. I was able to put some of your information to immediate use in the battle to get "Intelligent Design" introduced into the public schools here in Kansas. I hope we will see more articles on this important subject, because evolution is a false worldview that has been used to discredit the Bible and to turn many to unbelief.

A. W., Overland Park, KS

Having recently received my three booklets as requested, I am now requesting three more. I did not realize just how much depth there was to my last three. They certainly have given me much food for thought. The Ten Commandments, I have read three times, and will read many more times. These booklets are invaluable to me. They and the Bible are my constant source of knowledge.

J. N., Mannum, South Australia

Your Bible Study Course has been really uplifting. Completing it is almost like graduating from a school. I hope to continue to refer back to some of the lessons as I do more of my own study. Because of it, I am always able to give an answer in discussion. God has broadened my knowledge of Him and His plan. Thank you for organizing the Bible Study Course; the scriptures just jump off the page, and the historical references that you give help as well. Thank you for your service.

D. W. Tuscaloosa, AL


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