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I recently ordered online some of your booklets and a free subscription to your Bible Study Course. One of the booklets deals with the Christian Sabbath, an issue which has deluded me for quite some time, as I knew something was wrong somewhere. I could not find any instruction in the Bible which supports the present Sunday Sabbath except the common attribution to the Day of Jesus' resurrection. I am very grateful to you and Tomorrow's World for opening the eyes of people like myself to the truth of God's word.

R. T, Manchester, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for your interesting and informative literature. I really enjoy receiving Tomorrow's World, and look forward to receiving each and every issue you send me.

V. R., Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago

We want to thank you for your magazines and the free literature you send to us. We have just finished the Bible Study Course. We are now in our early eighties, married for sixty years this month. Your literature and your ministry on television have really helped to study Revelation and see how much it is connected with the prophets of the Old Testament.

J. M., San Augustine, TX

The Bible Study Course has been great. It is a good learning tool. I have also read your booklets and magazines from cover to cover. It is hard to wait until the next one arrives! I have learned so much.

C. B., Chicago Heights, IL

I had been given two of your magazines and thoroughly enjoyed them. I since passed them on and am asking now how I may obtain further copies. I have the booklet, How God Intervenes in World Affairs. Wow! I have been through it several times and learn more each time. I would not think of passing it on as it really hits exactly what is going on in our world today and makes Revelation, at last, easier to understand. I would be interested in any reading material you may have to send.

V. C., Boise, ID

I take three other Sabbath-keeping magazines, and your magazine is the best one of all, especially on the end-time prophecies.

P. V., Benton, IL

I am writing to thank you for the Bible Study Course, the booklets, and the magazines I receive. The learning experience has been great. All your material has brought me closer to God with more understanding of the Bible and of the world. Your work has truly helped me see families, friends, problems and the life of others in a different way.

J. J., Farmville, NC

Thank you for sending me the reprint article "Is God Really a Trinity?" by John H. Ogwyn. It was very helpful. I shared the article with a couple of my friends, and they thought it to be more believable than believing in the Trinity. I appreciate your literature very much, as not too many people talk about prophecy these days. Everybody is just concerned about the present, and they miss out on seeing the real truth. Keep up the good work, informing us of the good news of things to come.

D. A., Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Thank you so very much for your publications and information on the Holy Bible. I have studied for a long time, and have always wanted to find those who feel as I do, and lo and behold, I have finally found you! I love the way that your teachings are so bold, and that you stand behind what you say by using the Bible as your reference. It is a shame that mankind has been led astray these many centuries because of Satan. I want to thank you all for your faith in God.

J. F., Zeeland, MI


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