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I wish to thank you very much for sending me Tomorrow's World. I have found great satisfaction and peace of mind in each issue. Tomorrow's World has been of great help to me in understanding the Bible and seeking the truth. I have found through your kindness many truths that would otherwise have escaped my attention through my own study of Scripture. I always look forward to the coming issue. Thank you for helping me find the truth.

V. P., Niagara, ON, Canada

I received my copy of Tomorrow's World today, and immediately read the article entitled "A New Covenant?" I have to compliment you on your article "A New Covenant?" (November-December 2005). I am pleased to see such genuine writing and expression of truth in this day of moral compromise and deceitful teachings. I look forward to reading the remainder of this issue and can hardly wait until the next one comes out. Thank you for the work you do. It was your literature that convinced me to accept the correct Sabbath and I am making an effort not to participate in the so-called Christian celebrations and making God's appointed Feasts the ones I celebrate.

V. M., Red Deer, AB, Canada

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Tomorrow's World. I found it very informative, especially the article on "Who Is Burning In Hell?" (January-February 2006). After reading the entire mailing in one day, I was left craving more. The next day I received your booklet, The Holy Days: God's Master Plan. Thank you for sharing this informative booklet.

C. B., Pineville, LA

I would appreciate your stopping all mailings. Richard Ames' article "Who Is Burning in Hell?" (January-February 2006) was over the top and very disturbing. As I was reading the article I actually felt evil coming off the pages and had to trash the magazine before I could complete my reading. I realize this sounds weird but was a very strange sensation. I am not going to quote a lot of scripture. I also am certainly not going to use Dante's work as a basis to support my argument. It is hard to imagine that less than 75 years after Christ's resurrection there were already a multitude of so-called church leaders diluting the word of God and what Christ truly represented. God bless, I will pray for you and hope to see you in heaven.

J. B., Alpharetta, GA

Editor's Note: You may find it hard to imagine, but the historical record demonstrates that within a generation of Christ's resurrection there were already several competing ideologies claiming to be "Christian." To learn more about the amazing history of true Christianity, please write for your free copy of our booklet, God's Church Through the Ages.

Thank you for all the reading material you have sent me. Your knowledge of the Bible has truly enlightened me. Your research for the truth is evident in your seamless understanding of God's word through the Bible. The issue about the Sabbath day change to Sunday really woke me up!. Finding the real truth in God's word is beginning to consume my everyday life.

C. B., Chandler, IN

When I started with you newly I was thinking that your organization is just like many other so-called Christian organizations. In fact, I was contemplating to stop my subscription. But when I studied Lesson Three of the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course, I came to understand the services your ministry is rendering to us subscribers.

S. T., Bauchi, Nigeria


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