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Your magazine has been nothing less than inspiring to me. None of this backsliding and two-stepping anddodging the truth! You tell it like it is. I am particularly impressed with the article, "Classrooms In Chaos" by Douglas Winnail (January-February 2006). Please keep up the good work, and may God bless you all. I pray for you daily.

C. A., Phoenix, AZ

Please drop my name off your mailing list. I have been receiving your subscription for about a year now. My eyes were opened up when I read "Who Is Burning In Hell?" (January-February 2006). You have twisted the Word of God. You have taken away the real meaning of Hell. What are you teaching? It is a deceiving lie and I won't be a part of it.

T., Jolo, WV

I really enjoyed the article, "Who Is Burning in Hell?" I had wondered how a good, loving God would punish someone forever. Thanks so much.

L. A., Eunice, LA

I have read your magazine. All I can say is, "Wow!" I was so confused about so many subjects in the Bible, and you have so far done a very good job in clarifying some. My belief in "hell"—Wow, what a lesson from "Who Is Burning in Hell?" Thank you so much.

D. A., Allentown, PA

I am writing to you concerning the booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!. I loved the way the booklet brought out the words of the Bible. Before I read this booklet I was a striving Muslim. But, after reading your booklet and the Bible, how could I be so foolish to give up my Christianity? I would like to get back on the right track by receiving your Bible Study Course.

W. T., Atlanta, GA

Thank you very much for the booklet Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? I found it to be very revealing about issues a whole lot of people do not know about. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

J. M., Hillsboro, TX

I have noticed more troubles in the world, but I do not think they are bringing people any closer to God. What I have really noticed is that churches continue to preach about Jesus Christ, but they never seem to preach His message about the Kingdom of God. I really get upset with these churches. I feel they are doing people a disservice.

J. B., North Augusta, SC

Thank you! That is really the best thing I can say. Your Bible teachings are indispensable. I am very grateful for your Bible Study Course. I am always amazed at what it brings into my life. I have learned a lot about God and the Bible. Keep up the good work. And I am so blessed to have the word of God explained. Thanks, once again, for sharing the truth of the gospel.

G. T., Valley Village, CA

My mother gave me a copy of your magazine and I couldn't put it down. I was thirsting for more then what I was reading in my Bible. I needed help understanding all the recent events and their places in prophecy. I can honestly say I learned more in reading your magazine from front to back then I have ever learned in a church service. I am still hungry for more. I want to learn all there is about God so that I can serve Him better.

D. B., Nitro, WY


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