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I would like to thank you so much for the good work that you are doing spreading God's word through your free booklets. You have really helped me a lot in understanding God's word and understanding what He wants and expects from me. I recently read the booklet Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer. It revealed a lot to me about how I should pray to the living and true God. When I read this booklet I couldn't help but share everything I had learned with my family and friends. You most truly are doing a wonderful job.

P.M., Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

"God" has no further proof than the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, or any other mythical creature. How is unfailing faith in god different then unfailing faith in Wiccan religion, or paganism, or ghosts? You demand unwavering faith in this unprovable force, yet in any other situation you would deny or ridicule or denounce such faith. Do you have any reason for this? Unless you have some proof, the existence of God is as believable as the existence of aliens.

A.B., Hamilton, ON, Canada

I just wanted everyone to know that I thank the Eternal God and His son, Jesus Christ, for your ministry and the blessing that you have become in my life. I have looked and found no other that teaches the truth the way that you so plainly do. Please, let all those that are a part of this ministry know that your message is not falling on deaf ears. You accomplish far more than you know!

T.S., South Bend, IN

I've been on my spiritual journey for 4.5 years trying to find the truth. I one day was tuned in on television by accident to Tomorrow's World and I found your program very spiritually fulfilling for the heart, soul and mind. I'm glad I found you because I had been very confused but your program and literature are clearing things up for me, as well as me reading my Bible which has all the answers.

S.D., Tomahawk, AB, Canada

Thank you so much for inspiring me to put God first in my life. My life has so much more meaning and purpose. I live each day with a great hunger for God's word. Thank you for the work that you all do. I thoroughly enjoy every form of information you send.

N.T., Auckland, New Zealand

The first time I read your publications a couple years ago, I thought y'all were pretty militant. The second issue, I thought, "Maybe they do care." And by the time I received and read my third issue, I thought, "These people really love me and want me to know the truth." I thank you very much

F.K., Hardwick, GA

I just finished reading the article "Modern Nations and God's Ancient Plan" (July-August 2006) for the third time. Such exciting and enlightening information. It has given me a much better understanding of last-days prophecy as it relates to our times. I will get out my Bible and read all the scriptures referenced as I go through the article yet another time. Thank you for such wonderful work!

J.D., Spring Hill, FL

Today I read your booklet, Satan's Counterfeit Christianity. All I can say is: Wow! I can't believe after all these years I'm finally coming across this vital information. I feel as if I have been kept in the dark all this time. You are a true blessing. I would like to personally thank you for having the courage to spread the Truth in a world full of lies.

J.J., Noico, CO


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