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Today I received your September-October 2007 issue, and as soon as I opened the first page and saw "How to KNOW God" I went to it and read the whole lot. What a brilliant article. Thank you for the message. I'd like to say thanks again for all the free booklets and magazine issues you have sent me.

M. G., Virginia South, Australia

To my dearest friends at Tomorrow's World, I can't thank you enough, you deserve to be thanked and praised for all your wonderful work educating me and others with the amazing truth about God, and His kingdom, which I am looking forward to. I see the devil and his schemes and rely on your programmes and Bible Study Course, your magazines and booklets, to overcome Satan. You guys are brilliant, and I can't thank you enough. I thank God every day for your organization, and I want everyone to know the truth. I wish your programmes could be displayed on national TV so everyone can see, like BBC, instead of the things we watch today. Thank you once again.

P. L., Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom

After reading the Questions & Answers in the November-December 2007 issue I was shocked. I am a Korean veteran. I spent a year there with the U.S. Marine Corps, 1953–1954. If it were not for our fighting and killing America's enemies, you would not be able to publish this magazine.

R. R., Livonia, MI

Thank you again for your Bible Study Course. It keeps me digging into my Bible, fitting everything together from Genesis to Revelation. It keeps me searching for the Truth according to God in His word. This world grabs me and I get started off again, caught up in the cares of this life, and another lesson will show up in the mailbox. As I take it out and start digging into my Bible again, I see how easily I get distracted. I hope you people know what a great help you are to us. God certainly does!

D. A., Waverly, TN

Some time ago I received the booklet, Your Ultimate Destiny. I was tremendously blessed with that teaching. Many Christians live our lives without having an idea of what God's children's eternal life would be like. I learned through that teaching that it is worth serving God. I have a better understanding of what it means being created in God's image and likeness.

L. R., Bay Shore, NY

I have never read a more powerful article than "Christmas: Harmful to Children?" (November-December 2007) that exposes the falsehood of the "Christmas" myth. I, for one, never lied to my children that there was a "Santa Claus." It caused the downfall of my marriage but I don't regret it. I have the peace of mind of knowing I didn't support a falsehood that is more damaging than Biblical truth is uplifting.

J. K., San Pedro, CA

My husband and I would like to thank you for the magazines and communications you send to so many people. You are bringing new light to all people who did not know the Bible. Who Controls the Weather? was excellent, and we have seen all the signs of drought, and many other disasters. Hopefully, more and more people will be reading your publications. The United States is in a sad state of affairs with the name of God being omitted from monuments, the pledge of allegiance, and courthouses. We have been studying for two years now and it has changed our lives.

R. S., Brimfield, IL


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