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I happened to come across your magazine at my mother's house. I was deeply enlightened, renewed and encouraged reading the articles. I told my brother about it, and mailed the article "The Truth Almost No One Knows" (July-August 2008) to him. We had an exciting conversation about the piece. Thank you for caring enough to spread the word in such a thoughtful, eloquent and loving way.

T. N., New York, NY

I have been receiving Tomorrow's World since 2004, and am only now writing to thank you for producing such a wonderful magazine. It is beyond the scope of ordinary words to say how great it is to be able to read the "plain truth" again. Readers are told not just to believe what they are reading in your magazine, but to prove it through checking it in the Bible. This I have done, and I have found the evidence in Scripture. May God continue to inspire and sustain you!

M. O., Kilcar, Donegal, Ireland

We found a copy of your magazine on a local library table, loose, with no label left on it. We read a couple of articles, and left the magazine there for someone else to discover. We want to commend you for having the courage to present the contents to the general public!

B. L., Palmerdale, AL

After receiving my copy of The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like?, I have had a hard time putting it down. It is so uplifting and encouraging. All the publications I have received from Tomorrow's World are excellent, but this one is especially well done. May God richly bless this effort to bring truth and light to a dark world.

S. B., Dayton, TN

Today, I received the booklet, The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like? By Roderick C. Meredith. I was able to read all of it in one sitting, and it is truly an inspiring message for a very needy world. This colorful and concise booklet will bring much hope to the thousands of individuals who will read it and realize that a much better world is indeed in store for humanity.

A. M., Toronto, ON, Canada

I would like to thank you for airing the Tomorrow's World telecast in my area. I have learned so much more in the last few months than I have going to church my whole life (I'm 57). You have answered a lot of questions that I had. I hope you are on for a long time. This program has let me see so much and answered things that were bothering me—like Christmas, and much more. Thank you very much!

C. C., Des Moines, IA

I have just finished my twentieth lesson of your Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course. There is so much truth revealed in your magazine and your Bible Study Course that I did not know before—things I have never heard from the pulpit in 45 years. All of your magazines and booklets are full of enlightening truth to anyone who is open to receive it and willing to change accordingly.

R. B., Kansas City, KS

I must admit I didn't actually read the article entitled, "Motherhood In Crisis?" (May–June 2008). To start with, I think we are taking the whole issue of family from the wrong angle. It's not just about motherhood. It's about the family unit, and whether or not it can survive at this end of human history. While others have a place in the scheme of things, perhaps one might be better asking, "Is Parenting in Crisis?"

G. P., Melbourne, VIC, Australia


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