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I have just finished reading your booklet, The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like? and I was moved to write to you. It was very inspiring, and a wonderfully clear assessment of today's world, and how different it will be under Christ's rule with the saints. Thank you for the booklet. I read your articles in each issue of Tomorrow's World avidly.

B. B., Lesmurdie, WA

When I started reading the article "How Would Jesus Vote for President?" (September-October 2008) I thought you were going to point out the differences between the two candidates. I was very much disturbed that you not only did not give the differences, but also said we shouldn't worry about it. It would have been well for you to point out that Democrats believe in killing babies and letting convicted murderers live. They believe it's okay to be homosexual. Just those two things should be enough for any God-fearing person to never be a Democrat. Republicans think people have a right to live without government interference. They also hold to the belief of the sanctity of life at all stages. Even if you cannot tell us who Jesus would vote for, at least print this response so readers can get the answer to the question you asked, but didn't give the answer.

S. S., Conyers, GA

Editor's Note: God's people do not agree with the platform of either the Republicans or the Democrats. Your analysis of the parties is simplistic, to say the least, and neglects the diversity of errors across the political spectrum. Please remember, in any case, that Christians have a duty to pray for their leaders (1 Timothy 2:1–2), even when they find those leaders' policies and positions reprehensible.

What tremendous writing! I received the booklet Satan's Counterfeit Christianity on Thursday and started reading it that evening, and could not put it down until I had read it thoroughly. There was some additional information about Martin Luther that I was not familiar with. Thank you for enlightening me on that subject. Let me encourage you to keep broadcasting God's word through all means possible.

S. F., Clarksville, TN

Perhaps several years ago I ordered your booklet entitled The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. Now as I see our financial institutions toppling one by one, I realize that your understanding of prophecy is correct. So, I'm earnestly studying all your literature. Praise God for your work and your Web site. I am ready and willing to repent and be a true Christian, ready to do God's will and follow His commandments in these last days. There will be a great awakening as this financial collapse unfolds and people will be hungry for the Word. Thanks so much for your dedication and perseverance.

E. C., Madison, MS

I just finished reading your booklet Who or What Is the Antichrist? The clear ideas and information you presented were very much appreciated. For a 53-year-old man who has gone through life with a knot in his stomach, always longing for the grace that has to be there somewhere, you have provoked some serious thought. I had a religion professor at school many years ago who discussed the subject of conscience with us. I remember leaving with the impression that conscience was a gift from God. I think the knot in my stomach is my conscience (or perhaps God's voice) always reminding me that I am not following His commandments. I hope I can find the spiritual backbone you spoke of one of these days. Taking that first step in the right direction always seems so hard. Thanks again for your booklet. I look forward to reading more on your Web site.

J. R., Del Mar, CA


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