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I just wanted to let you know that I was spending a Saturday (Sabbath) resting. I was feeling a little anxious and distracted, so I walked around the kitchen area of my house when I found the May-June 2012 issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine. My husband had inadvertently left it on a pile of papers intended to be tossed out, but I found it just in the nick of time, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Especially touching is the message in your article entitled, “Have You Surrendered to God?” Step by step I’m learning this simple but not always easy process.

S. Y., Higashimatsuyama, AP, Japan

Thank you so very much. The Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course has helped me clear up a lot of misconceptions. I really appreciate your great literature. Keep up the great work!

P. B., Russell Island, QLD, Australia

I’d like to give my special thanks to everyone for the January-February and March-April issues of Tomorrow’s World. You have always striven to be both clear and accurate, and in a world that needs to understand the truth of the Bible more than ever, that is commendable indeed! Keep up the good work in Jesus’ name.

J. W., Houston, TX

Thank you so much for sending me your literature. Above all, thank you so much for sharing the truth through the Holy Bible. I want to serve God with all my heart. I was raised in churches that keep the Sabbath as Sunday instead of Saturday. Also, they observe Christmas and Easter, bringing trees, sleighs, bunnies and eggs into the church. I began to question these things and what they could possibly have to do with the birth or resurrection of Jesus Christ. My answer came to “absolutely nothing.” It is really sad that so many people have been deceived. I was deceived most all my life. I thank the Lord for showing me the truth. I started to have all these questions, and I prayed and asked Him to help me find the truth. I started to do some research, and that is when I came across your website. I really enjoy the literature that you send me.

M. W., Salisbury, NC

I just finished reading The Ten Commandments and The Middle East in Prophecy. These are the absolute best booklets I’ve ever read on these subjects and I suggest them to anyone seeking to know the truth! God is truly using you to spread His Gospel around the world! God bless and keep up the great work!


R. W., Warren, OH

I saw your telecast on Sunday evening and I was absolutely stunned and amazed. I am not religious at all and watch religious shows from time to time for a laugh at the ridiculous claims. Your show amazed me, as I always thought that if God does exist He is the greatest “scientist” and a sort of “biological artist.” I thought if God exists He created the stuff like laws of gravity, sub and super sub atomic particles, DNA, speed of light, nuclear attraction/fusion and various other laws of physics. Basically that everything was by design and your telecast was the first time I have ever heard it said by a religious show or person. Take a tiny apple seed cover it with soil, add a little water and sunlight and it explodes into a huge tree for decades, year after year producing apples which are just perfect for our bodies to continue life. How does that little seed know how to do that? Why does it do it? It is just a little too perfect to be by chance. Fascinating.

B. H., Vancouver, BC, Canada

I would just like to thank you kind folks for the literature that you have available. I get the magazine every other month and the reading in there is true, and right on with what the Bible has to say. I have been receiving the magazine since 2007. It has all the things I am looking for. The story of the resurrection of Jesus, from a magazine a few years ago, really opened my eyes and finally explained things to me so I could understand them. If I cannot see your show on the TV weekly, then there is always the Internet so I can then watch it when the time is more convenient. Thank you all so much.

R. H., Cambridge, Canada

Folks: I enjoy your television programs, have subscribed to your magazine and, frankly, have learned many important and not-widely-known things from your presentations and booklets about what actually is in scripture.

A. B., Victoria, Canada


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