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Informative, eye-opening, enlightening and detailed message that outlines Original Christianity and the attempts made in proclaiming the true Christianity. God bless your ministry! I am inspired by your articles and have made the change in attending the Living Church of God.
V.W., Saint Andrew, Jamaica

No doubt and this is very true that God's Sabbath is Saturday. All who accept this will be blessed. I am thankful for Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? It cleared all my doubts on this issue. God clearly said that Sabbath should be remembered. May God bless all your team.
I.J., Rawlpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

I want to thank you very much for your love, time and research accuracy in sharing the good news of God's plan for man's salvation. God bless you all for persevering through the years, running the great race God has set out for you and being there when I needed someone. Thank you also for your up-to-date news on world affairs and what is really "going on" as it affects us through Bible prophecy.
S.D., Kelowna, BC, Canada

I give praise to God for the booklets I have received. It is good reading for me. Napoleon once said that all the empires of the world began and ruled with the sword, but one empire started with love and continues to rule with love, the empire of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please send me your booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.
E.M., Ararat, VIC, Australia

I look forward to receiving your literature. All your booklets and Tomorrow's World magazines have been a great help to me, as prophecy is being fulfilled very rapidly. All that we hear and learn and put into practice is preparing us for our Lord's coming.
P.B., Mississauga, ON, Canada

Thank you for your booklets. They are so full of the truth, and fairly easy to read and learn from. It is very hard to talk to family of what I have learned from you about the Bible, as my mother is 83 years old and has a faith mixed between Roman Catholic and Assemblies of God beliefs. My husband also has quite strong set ideas, and both are quite strong people. My daughter attends a church in Chinchilla that is a bit "jazzed up" these days. I feel unable to show my family a better way for them.
C. J. Mapleton, QLD, Australia

Editor's Note: It is God, not a zealous family member, who does the calling. Your part as a Christian is to be the very best personal example you can be (James 2:18). It is rare to find someone who was "argued into" the Truth by a zealous family member, but many are the stories of someone who came into the Truth because of a relative's sterling Christian example. Be an example of Christian longsuffering, patience, kindness and love, and do not compromise regarding God's word, and your family members will see for themselves the happy result of your Christian commitment.


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