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God bless all of you at Tomorrow’s World. Since I started reading all of your literature, my eyes have opened wide! Thank you.

Subscriber in New York

Thanks for the electronic version of [your] booklets and we are very much blessed by your programs. The message on “Ezekiel’s Message Unlocked” is very much useful and it was a great blessing to us. We expect many more programs like that in the days to come and the coming new year, 2022. God has blessed you with enormous wisdom and knowledge for understanding mysteries and secrets. With prayer and blessings!

Viewer in Assam, India

We were shocked to hear that some Tomorrow’s World programmes have been either cancelled or censored in Australia—something we knew nothing about. Tomorrow’s World has been part of our lives for many years. I also was not aware of the “woke mob”—which I have now researched on the Internet. Thank you for making us also aware of this culture. We love Tomorrow’s World, keep the Sabbath on Saturday, and really look forward to all literature including my “Must Have”—the magazine. I am a grandmother, and all literature we receive is shared with my family. We consider Tomorrow’s World part of our extended family. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We would be lost without you.

Subscriber in Queensland, Australia

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your encouraging note! We are delighted to be a part of your family. If you would like to meet more of ours, feel free to contact the Regional Office nearest you, listed on page 4, or click on “Meet the Church Be-hind TW” on our website, where you can find a list of nearby congregations and reach out to a local representative. We have congregations all over the world, where people of like mind meet every week on the seventh-day Sabbath. Even in these days when COVID-19 restrictions in some regions make travel difficult-to-impossible, we want to provide what sup-port we can. Please feel free to reach out, and thank you, again, for the encouragement!

It’s uncanny how week after week you publish commentaries, telecasts, and/or sermons on topics that remind me of or give me new perspectives on specific teachings of the Bible of which I am particularly needful at just that point. Great also the way they and the TW Magazine sync on their subject matter and complement each other. Thanks much and keep up the great Work.

Subscriber in Colorado

I really think that Dr. Winnail’s article [“What’s Behind the War on History?,” July 2021] on Marxism destroying history was so vital. It is a shame that some college students don’t have enough wisdom to match their energy for excitement and change. (The older folks have more wisdom and no energy. Sigh.)

Subscriber in Illinois


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