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You have comforted me for years and shown me the way and admonished me when necessary. I admire your bold stance for God. You are a bright light in dark America!

—Subscriber in Ohio

I am very grateful for this generous gift, [the booklet] Germany in Prophecy. The signs as written in God’s word are certainly coming to the fore. Looking forward to reading this book and enjoying it as I enjoy Tomorrow’s World!

—Subscriber in New South Wales, Australia

I appreciate your offer of the DVD to learn more of the [biblical holy days]. I have talked to clergy in the past about this subject and not received any meaningful responses. I point to Zechariah 14:16. We will be observing at least one holy day, the Feast of Tabernacles, during the millennial Kingdom, so it seems logical to me that maybe we should be observing them now. I look forward to watching the DVD and learning more. Please accept my donation for the important work you are doing.

—Subscriber in Arizona

This magazine is not only religious but also informative and interesting. It is true—misinformation and disinformation distress the nation. I am thankful for your wonderful publications. Everyone must read such magazines. It is hoped every magazine will be appreciated by everyone. Keep up the important work of spreading the good news. I was personally very grateful for this magazine. I had scarcely received the magazine when my friend came. After reading the magazine I gave it to him. Many thanks for your enjoyable and helpful magazine.

—Subscriber in Pakistan

To everyone at Tomorrow’s World, just want to tell all you what a very good job that you are doing. Yes, I do get your booklets and try to read them as much as I can. I look up in the Bible all the scriptures from your booklets. It very much helps me understand what I am reading. I am not too book-smart. I know if I ask God for wisdom to understand He almost all the time helps me. In reading your letters to me I see that you call me a coworker. Well, thank you for that. I’m sure God has brought me to your church and cause. I truly love all of you.

—Subscriber in West Virginia

I have received my magazine of Tomorrow’s World “Why Human Life Has Value” [October–November 2022 issue] via the post office. I really appreciate your work in posting this magazine. It’s a very inspirational magazine with perfect insights. I believe I would be transformed inwardly by this magazine you provide.

—Subscriber in Papua New Guinea

I have been getting your magazine for years. Now I am moving and want to give you my new address. I also want to give you a donation for all your great work on this magazine. I love it and read it every day, plus the Bible. Thank you very much!

Subscriber in Florida


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