Letters to TW | Tomorrow’s World, June 2023

Letters to TW

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I would like to thank the Editor in Chief, Mr. Gerald Weston, for your brand-new booklet Germany in Prophecy. I would love to read it. It is interesting to learn about the connection between the ancient nations and the modern nations. Mr. Weston is gifted, talented, and articulate, discerning interpretation in what the Holy Bible is telling us. It helps me to understand clearly about what is happening to our “modern world.” Please send me What Is the Meaning of Life? Thank you so much.

—Subscriber in Tasmania

Thank you for all you do to make my Christian heart sing. How comforting it is to receive each copy of Tomorrow’s World. No matter what this troubled, Godless world sends us, I am always blessed after reading your Bible-inspired messages of Spirit-filled comfort and wisdom. I’m enclosing this contribution in thanks for years of blessings Tomorrow’s World brought me. I am seeking a Living Church of God in the area.

—Subscriber in Florida

I am writing this letter for my dad. His health is not too good, and he asks me to write this letter to let Tomorrow’s World know how much he appreciates the words of God that you speak. He just wants to thank Tomorrow’s World for bringing him the word of God every Sunday morning and the books and pamphlets that Tomorrow’s World sends him.

—Subscriber in Alabama

Dear Tomorrow’s World, I thank you for the extra books for reading! Also thank you for the invitation to the [Tomorrow’s World Presentation] in Anderson, SC! I’m excited to go. I have my husband going with me, also my two sisters-in-law. I look forward to meeting other Tomorrow’s World readers in my area. Thanks for all the inspiration and information I get from learning more than I ever knew about the Bible! I pray that our country will turn away from the wickedness so that God might find favor with us. I feel like I’m finally learning the truth!

—Subscriber in South Carolina

Though I am in prison, I have never felt condemned or judged as I received your many study booklets and Bible Study Course. May you receive a multitude of blessings for the many blessings you have shared with me. Thank you for your work in bringing the truth to the world. Tomorrow’s World magazine shines a light on my future.

—Subscriber in Wyoming

Erratum: In our February 2023 issue, the article “The Best a Man Can Do” mistakenly stated that Jesus “emptied Himself of His divinity” when He was incarnated. This did not accurately communicate the meaning of “emptied Himself,” as the Greek phrasing of Philippians 2:7 is often properly translated (e.g., in the English Standard Version). Rather, Jesus emptied Himself of His divine power and prerogatives when He became flesh, as we have long taught and published and as mentioned in this issue’s “Questions and Answers” feature on page 15. We apologize for the error.


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