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Woman to Woman

The Apology

  1. 01st November 2017
  2. Laurel Meyer

While perusing some family photos recently, I came across the picture of a childhood friend. The photo reminded me of a wonderful carefree summer and of a profound childhood lesson.


Making the Sabbath a Delight

  1. 04th October 2017
  2. Janth B. English

The world is a very hectic place. There are work schedules, school schedules, long commutes, after school activities, and play dates besides the routine activities of running a home. If we are not careful, we can “crash and burn” into the Sabbath and not get the full benefit that God intended. As the ladies of the house, we as wives and mothers can do a lot to...


Teach Them to Serve

  1. 06th September 2017
  2. Amber Leonard

Let’s be honest; the world is full of statistics that show more and more young adults have lost interest in the religious scene, and frankly, in God Himself. They would rather catch up on the latest worldly entertainment than crack open a Bible. There are so many ways our society has gone wrong in teaching children to love God. Can we as mothers in God’s church...


Women of Vision

  1. 02nd August 2017
  2. Laurel Meyer

While helping Mom clean up in the kitchen after a big family dinner one afternoon, we became engaged in a discussion about my future and education. We did not come to any major conclusions or make any decisions that day, but she did encourage me to “think beyond myself”; to have “vision” and “foresight.”


A Holy Stewardess-ship

  1. 05th July 2017
  2. Amber Leonard

I still remember back when I was fifteen or sixteen years old—when I was an all-knowing, self-absorbed teenager and my mother had “no idea what I was going through.” Right? Wrong. That was the time during my life that my mother wrote me a very special letter.


“It's OK To Be a Mom”

  1. 07th June 2017
  2. Jeanine Smith

When I was in sixth grade, I remember the teacher going around the room asking all the students what they wanted to be when they grew up. When it came my turn, I stood up and proudly said I wanted to be a mom and rear my children. I do not remember exactly what the teacher said. All I remember is the impression I got from her that I should "aim a little higher."


No “Girls Gone Wild” in Our House!

  1. 03rd May 2017
  2. Nancy Hall (1951-2013)

Each year, when graduation time rolls around, I think back to my graduation night at a high school in Florida. It was customary for many of the graduates to take off to the beach after the ceremony, and spend the entire night doing whatever the young, immature high school graduates wanted to do. Of course, it was not a chaperoned event. Thankfully, I had parents...


Pursuing Kindness

  1. 06th April 2017
  2. Michelle Bueno

Ah, the Proverbs 31 woman—she’s the biblical epitome of what true womanhood means. She’s the dream lady for many men and the role model for many Christian women. Proverbs 31 contains an exhausting list of her endless, diligent endeavors. She works, and she works astutely and industriously. This is one strong lady. Tucked away, however, buried within the list of...



  1. 08th March 2017
  2. Dorothy McNair

Children, what do you know about your grandparents? Grandparents, what do you know about your grandchildren? Grandpa and Grandma can have a very special relationship with their grandchildren that will be with those young people for their entire lives. It takes special effort to stay connected in this day and age, when so many of us live so many miles apart. Even...


Martha: Distracted or Disciple—Part 2

  1. 15th February 2017
  2. Colleen Frank

We all make mistakes, but no one wants to be remembered just for their mistakes. Martha is no exception. This reminds us of the old adage: “live and learn.” In the October 19, 2016 “Woman to Woman” article, "Martha: Distracted or Disciple?", we read about Martha’s being distracted by the responsibilities of being hospitable in first-century Jewish culture.