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John Meakin

A Better “Revolution”!

Many recently celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and his radical ideas. But was his the revolution the world truly needs?

The NHS: Unfit for Service?

Britain’s much-loved and esteemed National Health Service is at the breaking point. A completely different outlook is needed.

The Balfour Declaration Turns 100

British intervention in the history of the Jewish people continues to impact the world a century later.

Liberty’s Progress— The American Revolution from a British Perspective

 The war that divided the United States from British rule had a richer set of causes and effects than many people understand—and was used by God to fulfill His will for both nations. 

Brexit: Shock UK Election Result!

The astonishing outcome of the United Kingdom’s June 8 General Election was the one least expected or desired: a “hung” parliament, in which no clear winner emerged. The pound slumped against the dollar and euro to its lowest levels in seven months. Several newspaper headlines proclaimed “May’s Gamble Backfires.”