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John Meakin

The NHS: Unfit for Service?

Britain’s much-loved and esteemed National Health Service is at the breaking point. A completely different outlook is needed.

The Balfour Declaration Turns 100

British intervention in the history of the Jewish people continues to impact the world a century later.

Liberty’s Progress— The American Revolution from a British Perspective

 The war that divided the United States from British rule had a richer set of causes and effects than many people understand—and was used by God to fulfill His will for both nations. 

Brexit: Shock UK Election Result!

The astonishing outcome of the United Kingdom’s June 8 General Election was the one least expected or desired: a “hung” parliament, in which no clear winner emerged. The pound slumped against the dollar and euro to its lowest levels in seven months. Several newspaper headlines proclaimed “May’s Gamble Backfires.”

Brexit: Why A Snap UK General Election?

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, surprised almost everyone on Tuesday, April 18 by announcing her intention to call a UK general election on June 8 this year. This came about, despite May repeatedly saying she would not go to the country until 2020, as mandated by statute. The next day, Parliament declared itself overwhelmingly in favor of a June election (522/13 votes).