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John Meakin

General Strike Remembered

Suppose for a moment that your employer came to you with the news that you would henceforward be required to work longer hours for a lower wage. Indeed, everyone in your industry would have to make the same sacrifice. And unless you would accept these new working conditions you would be "locked out" of your job and prevented from working—your job would cease to exist.

European Migration: Crisis and Consequences

Over the centuries, Europe has had a strained relationship with its minority communities. What will the influx of Middle Eastern refugees mean for a continent eager to reconnect with its historic roots?

Britain Prepares for Vote on EU Membership

It was William Shakespeare who once put it so memorably: “To be, or not to be, that is the question”! Let’s for a moment reframe and reapply (with apologies!) the noble bard’s sentiment to 2016 politics in the land of his birth. Thus, we might ask, “To be, or to not to be, in the European Union; that is the question.

Superbugs! The End of the Antibiotic Era

Penicillin and other antibiotics seemed to promise a cure for bacterial infections, but new generations of bacteria now outwit old remedies. How will humanity cope? Can God help?

A New "Battle of Britain"?

It is hard to believe that ISIS (sometimes also called "Islamic State"), now such a prominent force in world events, exploded onto the world's consciousness less than two years ago when in June 2014 it declared itself an Islamic Caliphate after conquering the northern Iraq city of Mosul.