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Rod King (1949-2019)

Your Marriage CAN Be Happier

Are you and your spouse enjoying the kind of relationship you hoped for on your wedding day? The Bible offers vital tools for improving your marriage!

Your Marriage Can Be Happier

TW Short: Your Marriage Can Be Happier

Where Did the Apostles Go?

Jesus gave the Apostles a commission to reach the scattered Israelite peoples. Do you know how widely they traveled, and what it means for us today?

Could You Be Deceived?

Deceived people, by definition, do not know they are deceived. How can you be sure that you know the truth? The answer can be found in God’s Word, the Holy Bible!

You CAN Prove That God Exists

Is belief in God just a matter of “blind” faith? Should you believe just because someone has asked you to believe? Or can you prove to yourself the reality and power of the true God? Watch and learn the encouraging truth!