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Rod King (1949-2019)


What is this mysterious number that has fascinated Christians for nearly 2,000 years? You CAN know the answer, and what it will mean for your life!

The Lost Empire of the Assyrians

TW Short: The Lost Empire of the Assyrians

The Lost Empire of the Assyrians

An ancient society and its modern-day descendants give us a vital key to unlocking the mystery of end-time Bible prophecy.

Why the Ten Commandments?

In a lawless world where it often seems that anything goes, God has given us a practical set of tools to live the abundant life He desires for us!

Is the Rapture Coming Soon?

Is it possible that you or your loved ones could be raptured tonight? Many millions of people on this earth believe this to be true, but is it?  You need to know what the truth is about Christ’s return and to hear vital facts about what will occur on this earth before His return.