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September-October 2001


Women raised on feminism are discovering that its promises remain unfulfilled—and unfulfilling. We need to understand the troubled history of modern feminism, and God's future plan for a world in which true values will make today's feminism...


Do you believe in the true God—the God of the Bible? If so, it is vital that you come to understand the one basic attitude that God looks for in people. What is it?

Prophecy Comes Alive

The world is heading toward a public health calamity of disastrous proportions. After declining for nearly a century, age-old plagues have reemerged— with a vengeance—in forms resistant to modern antibiotics!

Questions and Answers

Question: Acts 15 shows that the New Testament Church imposed only four requirements on new Gentile converts: "to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from things strangled, and from blood" (Acts 15:20...

July-August 2001

Cover Story

The Middle East has seen a history of war—from ancient times through the present—and your Bible reveals that there will be even more regional wars in the Middle East, leading to what is commonly called "Armageddon"! Jerusalem will be a focal...

Feature Story

Do you view the Bible as the real authority in your life? Do you feel it was directly inspired by God, or do you think of it as just a good book with "wise sayings"? Coming to understand and to LIVE the right answer to these questions is a major...


The gambling industry is thriving—but at what cost? Though many communities view the burgeoning gambling industry as an economic savior, able to fund needed social programs, it exacts a sobering social price. What does Scripture say about this...


Islam is the faith of more than a billion people; it is a driving force behind Middle East conflict and a mystery to many. How did it first develop, and how will it affect end-time prophetic events? The Bible provides some startling answers!


People seek power through various means, but are they looking to the right source?

Prophecy Comes Alive

What is happening to the United States, the British-descended peoples and the modern state of Israel? The British Empire is gone, reduced to a fragmenting island on the edge of a merging Europe. The U.S.—the world's only superpower—is being...