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March-April 2002


After some of the leadership fiascoes in Washington, DC in recent years, Americans should be very thankful to have a good and decent husband and wife team now occupying the White House. We can pray heartily for President and Mrs. George W. Bush,...

Prophecy Comes Alive

Incredible as it may seem, major events that threaten the continued existence of life on earth were predicted thousands of years ago—for a reason!

Questions and Answers

Question: Most professing Christians believe that the saved will go to heaven at death. But they have little or no idea about what they will do in heaven. What does the Bible teach is the reward of the saved?


January-February 2002

Cover Story

Forces now in motion will bring about the demise of the United States and other British-descended nations unless there is genuine national repentance! Our peoples have increasingly turned away from the God of creation and every vestige of true...

Feature Story

Did you know that the Bible reveals much about the future of the world and your own future? There are basic keys to understanding Bible prophecy. You need to know what they are! You can know what will happen in the years to come!


The Protestant Reformation fundamentally transformed the social, political, religious and intellectual landscape of Europe, leaving a lasting imprint on our modern world. Yet few understand what really happened during this turbulent period, or...


The Bible asserts that it is God's infallible, authoritative revelation to mankind. It claims to reveal truth that can be known in no other way. How did we actually get the Bible? And how should we study it today?


Although modern religious pollsters talk about a resurgence of "spirituality" in recent years, most acknowledge that this interest is very shallow.

Prophecy Comes Alive

January 1, 2002 is the launch date of a new common currency for the nations of Europe. Outside of Europe, few may notice. Yet Bible prophecy reveals that the shift to the euro is an important part of a bigger picture that will shock and surprise...

Questions and Answers

Question: Exactly what does it mean to "overcome"? Is "overcoming" important in living the Christian life?

Answer: While Jesus was instructing His disciples, He told them: "Therefore you shall be perfect,...