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May-June 2001

Cover Story

What exactly is the kingdom of God? What will Christians do when they are part of that kingdom? Can we know? How can we know? The Word of God makes it clear that Jesus Christ will soon return to rule the nations of this world—and that today's...

Feature Story

Is healthy living the means to an end, or is it an end in itself? How can we live healthy lives in today's world? In the Bible, God has provided a set of fundamental truths for living a life of spiritual and physical health!


Hundreds of millions own a Bible, but how many actually read and understand it? Can you understand the Bible? Yes, you can, with the help of seven vital principles of Bible study that can help you deepen your knowledge of God and your...


Countless millions are experiencing broken lives, broken marriages, broken families and broken dreams. They find life overwhelming and do not know how to make it any different, yet mainstream Christianity does not have the answers. Can God really...


If you believe the Bible is God's "Instruction Manual" to mankind—meant to show us what to believe and how to live—then you should really study this inspired book just as you would study a textbook, for instance, to learn a language.

Prophecy Comes Alive

Are we approaching the "end of the age" spoken of in the Bible? Is Jesus Christ about to return?

March-April 2001

Feature Story

When times are tough, can you look to God for an answer to your financial woes? Does He have a financial law that applies to true Christians today? Many do not realize that God has promised to bless those who obey His financial law in faith!


More than 30 Bible prophecies signal a major prophetic milestone called the Day of the Lord. Is it a day of judgment—or just a day of the week? You need to know how this soon-coming event will affect your life!


Are happy and intact families the result of good luck, or of something more? While society debates and redefines the very definition of "family," you can look to God for the truths that will help you have a happy family!


Jesus Christ lived as a carpenter, teaching not just with his words but by his actions. He was a physically active individual. What lessons can we learn from the example of His activity? How can we truly walk in His footsteps?