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I read your booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled! Out of all the booklets I have read on Revelation, yours is the best I have come across. Very well written, easy to understand and it fits like a glove to scripture and history. Very well done. It was very thorough. It pretty much said it all.

J. C., Liberty, MO

The first magazine I received from you has changed my life about observing the Sabbath, and it certainly is a joy to honor God for the day of rest in His name. I, just over the weekend, got rid of my Christmas tree and decorations. Again thank you for sharing the Truth, God's Truth. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for helping me to seek the Lord more diligently with thanks.

G. S., Orlando, FL

A small group of us seniors get together every Wednesday and talk about everything and anything. Last Wednesday I brought one of your booklets, Satan's Counterfeit Christianity, and we all shared in reading. What an eye-opener for all. This Wednesday, three new faces showed. I must thank you for reviving our sometimes-boring get-together and am looking forward to next time. We may need a bigger room.

D. G., Corona, CA

For nine months after having had a stroke, the pain in my legs was extreme. Imagine holding a rod of ice for 24 hours a day for nine months, and you will get some idea of how I felt. Then I watched your telecast offering an anointed cloth. I asked for one, then after I received it I prayed, and my legs were fine. Does God heal? You bet He does!

A. F., Davoren Park, SA, Australia

I received your magazine with cover article "The Handwriting Is on the Wall" (January-February 2011), and I learned about the purpose of my life. I am very glad that I came across a friend who introduced me to your magazines. I read them, and my life was never the same again. I thank you very much. May God bless you in the work that you are doing.

J. O., Kampala, Uganda

I would like to express my gratitude to Tomorrow's World for providing free literature throughout the world, based on the truth of God's word. Your teachings have been such an inspiration and a blessing to my life, and the lives of my family and friends. Special thanks to you for the booklet, The Ten Commandments. That booklet renewed my mind and heart, and has helped me to grow more in my spiritual life as well.

D. O., Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago

My heart was really pricked when I read "Earth: Your Inheritance!" (Tomorrow's World, January- February 2011). We must stop sinning and must believe the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. I believe that God is with you, and my family and I have agreed to serve the God of the Bible. We choose to be faithful to God at all cost. Keep praying for us!

A. M., Divundu, Namibia

I wish to thank you greatly for the changes I have had in my life since I started reading material from Tomorrow's World. I can't stop going through your booklets, especially God's Plan for Happy Marriage. This booklet has created an impact in the lives of many couples here in Cameroon and they all like reading the Tomorrow's World magazines they find around me. Thanks a lot for the end-time prophecies and efforts to proclaim the Truth!

C. N., Douala, Cameroon


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