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Moral Decline Ahead

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One of the most surprising developments of the last 50 years has been the dramatic shift away from Judeo-Christian moral values that provided the foundation of Western civilization.

One of the most surprising developments of the last 50 years has been the dramatic shift away from Judeo-Christian moral values that provided the foundation of Western civilization. Older generations wonder why this is happening and where it will lead. Younger people seem oblivious to the concern. What goes unrecognized today is that dozens of prophecies are coming alive right before our eyes! While some analysts realize why this is occurring, most have no idea where these changes will lead—yet the Bible reveals what lies ahead!

God predicted this incredible turn of events—and the resulting consequences—long ago. Moses warned our forefathers that "after my death you will become utterly corrupt, and turn aside from the way I have commanded you. And evil will befall you in the latter days" (Deuteronomy 31:29). In recent decades, America—while claiming "In God We Trust" on its coinage—outlawed the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places. The Western media has become increasingly hostile to Judeo-Christian values. Public schools demand value-neutrality. Religious leaders are increasingly prone to ambiguity and compromise in vital areas of doctrine and morals. The result has been a surge in divorce, cohabitation, sexual promiscuity, perversion, teen pregnancy, abortions, child abuse, drug abuse, rape, cheating, shoplifting, embezzling, bankruptcy, incivility, and violent crime—the very things God prophesied would happen to nations that forsake His laws (see Hosea 4:1–3; Malachi 2; 2 Timothy 3:1–9).

The intellectual elite of America and Western Europe—academics, writers, filmmakers, television producers, liberal politicians and theologians—have promoted this "do-your-own-thing morality". William Bennett, former U.S. Secretary of Education, charges that "over the last two decades they have waged an all-out assault on common sense and the common values of the American people… we thus appear to be witnessing the gradual abdication of the… traditional underpinnings of American culture" (The Devaluing of America, Bennett, 1992, pp. 13, 26). Yet God prophesied that "those who lead you cause you to err" (Isaiah 3:12; 9:16; Jeremiah 23:13). Educator Vincent Ruggerio bluntly asserts that "popular culture has been infected by nonsense—nonsense about truth and reality, nonsense about self, nonsense about thought and feeling. These false views have had a devastating effect on peoples lives" leading to the breakdown of the family, self-indulgence, and undermining the pursuit of excellence (Warning: Nonsense is Destroying America, p. vi). Yet God foresaw: "My people are foolish, they have not known Me. They are silly children, and they have no understanding" (Jeremiah 4:22). Even theologians have been affected. Bennett remarks that at a time when people needed strong moral guidance, "the church establishment took a hike" by downplaying sin and the importance of marriage while condoning promiscuity, easy divorce and homosexuality (Bennett, pp. 222–223). Yet God prophesied that "those who handle the law did not know Me... the prophets have become wind… [they] prophesy lies in my name" (Jeremiah 2:8; 5:13; 23:25).

Scripture reveals that misguided leaders will call "evil good, and good evil" (Isaiah 5:20). Today liberals assert that homosexuality and adolescent sexual activity are normal, and that traditional marriage is oppressive and confining. Former judge and acting Attorney General Robert Bork notes that many now want "the deviant to be normalized" and the normal made deviant (Slouching Toward Gomorrah, pp. 3–4). God warned that our society would become like Sodom and Gomorrah—sick from head to toe (Isaiah 1:2–10). Modern entertainment is so saturated with sex, violence and anarchy that normal relationships, respect for law and order and the value of human life are disappearing—especially in the young. Author Jim Nelson Black notes journalist Barbara Walters' conclusion that many young people today have "no sense of discipline. No goals. They care only for themselves… they are becoming a generation of undisciplined barbarians" (When Nations Die, p. 19; see Isaiah 3:4–5, 12).

Theologian Carl Henry described the reemergence in Western culture of a "pagan mentality" that believes "there is no fixed truth, no final good, no ultimate meaning or purpose, and that the living God is a primitive illusion… it champions mysticism, occult forces and powers, communion with nature and exotic religions" (The Twilight of a Great Civilization, p. ix). God prophesied of His rebellious people, "they have begotten pagan children" (Hosea 5:7) and turned to worthless gods (Jeremiah 2:11). Black notes that "like Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada and Australia before us, the United States has finally entered the post-Christian age" and that, by rejecting Christian principles that have supported Western civilization, we are rejecting "the ideals that lifted the West above ancient paganism" (Black, pp. 11, 178). The light that God intended the Israelite nations to provide to the world is going out (Deuteronomy 4:1–10). But just why should we be concerned?

For America and other Western nations, the handwriting is on the wall. Many scholars see sobering parallels between the decadence of ancient civilizations in their decline and the decadence of Western culture today. In ancient Egypt, Carthage, Greece and Rome, "the collapse of society began each time with a period of obvious moral decay" (Black, pp. 186–188). Black warns that "every one of the symptoms of decline [lawlessness, degenerate art and music, overspending, corruption, decline in religion, education and traditional values, materialism, abortion, murder, focus on self, immorality, divorce and sexual perversion]… are present in this nation today… to ignore such lessons is to court disaster" (p. 4). Journalist Morris Berman warns that "as the twenty-first century dawns, American culture is… in a mess… the system has lost its moorings, and, like ancient Rome is drifting into a dysfunctional situation" (The Twilight of American Culture, pp. 1–2). Bork cautions that "our trajectory continues downward… we are on the road to cultural disaster" (Bork, pp. 2, 11). Peter Hitchens laments of Britain, "a great civilization… is on the edge of extinction and… we have very little time to save it" (The Abolition of Britain, p. ix). Black quotes Bennett's assertion that in light of the coarseness and vulgarity of our time, "there are just too many signs of decivilization; that is, civilization gone rotten" (Black, p. 7). Yet God prophesied that our people "have perverted their way, and they have forgotten their God" and have become a "degenerate plant" (Jeremiah 3:21; 2:21).

So what lies ahead? Bible prophecy reveals God will punish our nations because of our sins. God warns "If you do not obey… I will break the pride of your power… bring a sword against you… send pestilence among you… lay your cities waste… scatter you among the nations… I will stir up your lovers against you… I will deliver you into the hands of those who hate you" (Leviticus 26:14–34; Ezekiel 23:9, 22–35). Ezekiel reveals one third of our populations will die by pestilence and famine, one third by the sword and one third scattered to the wind—meaning a future captivity (Ezekiel 5:12; 4:13). Our punishment will be a lesson to the whole world (Ezekiel 5:14–17; Deuteronomy 29:24–29). This period of national chastisement is "the time of Jacob's trouble" and will occur in "the latter days" (Jeremiah 30:7, 24). Our peoples will be restored, but only after real repentance. To learn more about this sobering topic, request our free booklets What's Ahead for America and Britain? and Who Controls the Weather?

Douglas S. Winnail


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