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I received your magazine for the first time, and I'm always careful when it comes to doctrine, but here's how I read your magazine. I treat it like a meal. It has been prepared by someone I don't know, so I begin at first to look for things I know. Then I come across things I haven't tasted before, so I taste them and chew on them for a while (meditate) and see if it's okay and won't do me any harm. If I perceive it's good for me, I swallow it and digest it. Our mothers would always try to get us to eat our greens. Why? Because they were good for us. We may not like what the word of God serves up, but we need to eat it and meditate on it and chew over it and then digest it. The word of God is not a menu; you just can't pick and choose what you like and leave the rest. Thanks for your teaching; I will continue to dine with you.

T. P., Monmouth, United Kingdom

May I just say, after reading your booklet Who or What Is the Antichrist?, that so many things I once thought were true I now realize, after careful reading of the scriptures, are so blatantly untrue that I am astonished that they have got away with it for so long! Thank you for opening my eyes to further truths.

T. H., Great Ayton, United Kingdom

I enjoy your great magazine, Tomorrow's World.It is so great to read and learn from. I used to get a lot of booklets and things from other churches, but most have very little truth in them. Yours are so right on with the Bible. Also, your booklet The Ten Commandments is great, too. I keep you in my prayers daily, and never miss praying for God's blessing to this great Work.

L. C., Vancouver, BC, Canada

I check your biblical references in my Bible. They always agree with God's words. I am glad there is someone who is true to His words. I have searched many churches and books and listened to many so-called "preachers" on radio and TV. None of them spoke the truth as you did and do. God bless you! I can see all of what you warn us about is coming true.

E. F., Swansea, MA

May God bless your extremely important work in these last days. I received your Bible Study Course in March 2005. I am just finishing Lesson Four, and will be returning my exam soon. I have now read almost all of your booklets. I am so thankful for finding an organization that teaches the Bible in all its wonderful Truth. A ten-minute sermon at church just did not feed me enough. Your Bible Study Course has opened my eyes and I wait anxiously for the Return of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I do not like this world we live in. I listen to scientists debate the origin of life and think how blind and silly they are to even think it just came from a big explosion, and pray that soon all will know and understand God's plan for all of mankind.

M. M., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

I would like you to know how grateful my family and I are for the magazines and booklets you have sent us. I had never understood the book of Revelation until I read your booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled! Since I read about the Sabbath in your magazine, we are now observing the Sabbath in our home. I cannot thank you enough for all the biblical truths I am learning through your magazines and booklets.

H. C., Ogallala, NE

I am very impressed with the excellence of your website, the materials offered, the formats available, the video programs viewable, and the offer of all of this information at absolutely no cost.

A. D., Spring Valley, CA


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