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Letters to the Editor

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I wanted to mention that I appreciate the prophetic articles by Douglas S. Winnail concerning the modern Israelite nations. I appreciate how Mr. Winnail continues to prove his points from each and every angle. Thanks, Tomorrow's World, for making sense of the whole matter once again.

D. W., Duncanville, AL

Your booklet, The Real God: Proofs and Promises, is outstanding! You had to be guided by the Holy Spirit in order to write that, so many people would understand the true meaning of why God created man. Anyone reading the booklet and coming away from it without believing that God exists is really deceived or a complete fool. So many things that you pointed out make it inconceivable not to believe in a true living God. Thank you sincerely for the truths that you offer for a simple person like myself to understand and believe.

G. B., Jackson, MI

I view your inspiring messages on my satellite television; I shall be profoundly grateful and much obliged if you would kindly send me regularly Tomorrow's World magazine. Also send me your booklets titled Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled! and The Beast of Revelation. I wish the Lord's richest blessings on your ministry.

A. D., Baghdad, Iraq

From your Bible Study Course, booklets and magazines I have learned many things I never knew before. For example, the days God made holy. I should be celebrating the way God intended me to do. I never knew the great importance of those days or the great importance of the Ten Commandments. But, thanks to the works of Christ through all of you at Tomorrow's World, my Bible has really come to life before my eyes, which is allowing my mind to open up to things I never understood before. Please pray for me as I continue on my way to learning more about how I should be living my life.

M. G., Canton, MS

I have just completed Lesson Sixteen of your Bible Study Course, and have learned quite a lot about God's Holy Days that I hadn't given much thought to before. Your Bible Study Course is the most informative and interesting Bible course I have ever done.

M. C., Nevada, MO

Thank you for helping me understand God's Plan. So much of what I am learning has come from your Tomorrow's World magazine and booklets. You have helped me stay on track and confirm that I'm not "a crazy old lady" after all but it is a "crazy world" instead.

A. C., Longview, TX

I have read the Bible. I have never been so disgusted and offended in my entire life. How can you people perpetuate this ancient Palestinian psychotic madness? It is no wonder that the world is falling apart with this kind of evil being constantly churned out by deceptive religionists such as yourselves. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

R. G., Toronto, ON, Canada

I have been a recipient of your wonderful booklets and magazines for a few years now. I have started to reread some of them, particularly about God's laws. I wish to become an obedient servant to our Lord Jesus and the path that I am taking is not fulfilling that wish. Your writings make sense to me and draw me a lot closer to our Lord. I have actually started to feel His presence in my life because of the understanding I have gained from your writings and the referencing that I have undertaken.

Y. N,, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


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