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Letters to the Editor

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I received your booklet, Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer. I was so moved by it. After reading it, I knew God was listening and answered my prayers. Thank you so much for this free blessing, and I thank God for you who send out the truth of God for free.

S. H., Falmouth, KY

I truly enjoy reading Tomorrow's World. Your magazine is true to the Bible, and even helps me understand the Bible better. It has a wealth of information on family, kids, relationships and current world issues that relates back to the Bible. I think everyone should have a copy of this magazine.

M. D., Elliston, VA

Finishing the Bible Study Course published by your organization has helped me immensely. Compliments and ovations go to you and your staff for doing such a superb job on presenting the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The Tomorrow's World magazine and booklets have enlightened me in ways I can't begin to express in writing. While studying the course I've found that I've been worshiping on a Sunday rather than the Sabbath. Obedience to God's word is a top priority for me. Thank you from the deepest part of my spirit for helping me get ready for the coming Kingdom of God and preparing for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

D. K., Conway, SC

Please cancel my issues of Tomorrow's World. The cover of your January-February 2008 issue was offensive, as were the pictures inside. Talk about a marketing ploy, drugs and sex! How about something uplifting, honorable and worthwhile? Anyway, please do not send any more.

D. W., Waverly, MO

I am writing to applaud your article, "Early Christianity and Europe's Western Isles" (March-April 2008). I consider this to be an extremely excellent source of material to share with others, and is why I initially subscribed to your magazine almost two years ago. Mr. Winnail's citing of reference sources was highly useful and enlightening, lending credibility with its factual basis. Please keep up the fine work.

S. B., Terre Haute, IN

Reading Tomorrow's World magazine, and your booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, was like a refreshing drink of water in a dry and arid place. God bless you, and thank you for providing these resources!

D. G., Chicago, IL

I have started many Bible study courses and not finished. I have finished the ones I liked. This course [the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course] is by far the most challenging and refreshingly relevant I have started, and is one I expect to finish!

J. M., Gardner, MA

I just finished your Bible Study Course online, and have to tell you that it was amazing how clear things seem to be now. You have taken the "mysticism" out of true worship, and I thank you for that. It's not been easy, but it's been an eye opener. I have tried to share the information with others in my family, but they are hostile towards it so I have just encouraged them to look at your Web site, hoping that God will pull them towards truth.

K. K., Yuma, AZ


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