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I have always been interested in prophecy, and have often wondered who the woman riding the beast was. Thank you for putting the truth out for people to read for free. Knowing the identity of the harlot riding the beast has helped me put the final piece of the puzzle into place, and I thank you. I can finally say that I have a greater understanding about the end times.

J. T., Kaleva, MI

Finally, I have found people (you at Tomorrow's World) who seem to want to spread the real truth about what the Bible teaches. Thank you for being bold in the teachings of the Bible, and underscoring such matters clearly so normal folk can understand. I plan to study the Bible and take your Bible Study Course in the near future.

W. P., Raiford, FL

Of all the times I have investigated churches and youth groups, the only place that truly gave me the information I needed was your Web site (www.tomorrowsworld.org). I never realized how little I actually knew about God's word, and what He expects of us as Christians. I love your site, and hope you will be able to continue.

S. P., Ft. Carson, CO

Your program is the best thing on television! I have learned more from Tomorrow's World than from church! Your program and free literature are worth a million dollars—they are a miracle from God for sure. Your clear and exact message is truly inspired and backed by the authority of God's word—the Holy Bible.

S. T., Shreveport, LA

I was appalled by your article "The Truth Almost No One Knows" (Tomorrow's World, July-August 2008). There is so much twisted "doctrine" and misused Scripture I cannot even address it all for lack of space. Your first point of God not trying to get everyone saved now is ludicrous. Have you never read Romans 2:11–16? It explains how those who have never heard the Gospel message will be given a chance in this lifetime to receive or reject Christ. That message is actually written on their hearts, so they instinctively follow it with their conscience bearing witness, or they choose not to follow it.

S. M., Longmont, CO

Editor's Note: No one can be saved by any name other than the name of Christ (Acts 4:12). Those who have not heard Christ's message do not have it "instinctively" written on their hearts; they are awaiting the future time, described in Scripture (see Revelation 20:12), when the Bible will be made known to all human beings and they will have the opportunity to obey or disobey what has been made known. If you read our free booklet, Is This the Only Day of Salvation?, you may gain a greater understanding of what God is doing today.

I used to be so caught up in pagan holidays such as Christmas and Easter, until God opened my mind to His true ways through His Son. I now understand that false teachings have deceived the world into thinking these observances are so holy, when I know they are an abomination to God Almighty. Thank you so much for all your insight and encouragement. My life will never be the same again!

K. D., Jackson, TN

Your "Questions & Answers" topic in the May-June magazine brought to light a topic I have questioned for years. Thank you for clarifying it for me. The content of your magazine is full of quality articles that one needs in these end times.

J. M., Blue Eye, MO


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