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In receipt of the March-April issue of Tomorrow's World, I read about the sign of Jonah, and it was amazing to learn more about the three days and three nights. After sharing this with fellow members of my local church, they were filled with awe. Thank you for the good work you are doing.

J. N., Eldoret, Kenya

Thank you for the magazines I have been receiving for a couple of years, They have encouraged me, and my husband and I have continued to hold onto the beliefs that the Ten Commandments are important and that the Sabbath is for today and us keeping it is important to God. Finding your magazine has been a real lifeline of encouragement. It is very lonely in these last days as the love of many grows cold and the absolutes of God are not accepted as truth. So, a big "thank you."

C. M., Reefton, New Zealand

I started reading all of your booklets, and found them all quite interesting, but there is one thing that really bothers me. You state, time and time again "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy," but I have noticed all of your sermons and TV sermons are all held on Sunday. This bothers me quite a bit, as there are many, many things in your booklets that I totally agree with. I am 67 years old and would like to do things right with my God and Savior Jesus Christ. You have supplied many answers to my questions. The only thing that bothers me is that you like the mainstream churches practice having your sermons on Sunday. Could you please inform me as to why that is?

C. E., Hagerstown, MA

Editor's Note:The Tomorrow's World telecast is not a sermon. God has set aside the seventh-day Sabbath as the unique weekly time for rest and for assembling together to worship Him. However, there is no prohibition against teaching people God's Truth on any day of the week. Notice that the Apostle Paul met with the disciples for a non-Sabbath dinner, and taught them until midnight (Acts 20:7). The Tomorrow's World telecast is not a substitute for the God-ordained assembly of believers on the seventh-day Sabbath (Hebrews 10:25). Nevertheless, if you prefer to watch the telecast at some other time, you can find it Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings on several dozen ION Network stations across the United States, and you can watch it online any time of day or night at our Web site, www.tomorrowsworld.org.

Thank you so much for the article, "Bible Principles of Health" (May-June 2009). Thank you for all the details why I should not be eating my favorite crabs and oysters. I now understand, and my system will no longer have them. From now on I will live by my Maker's operating manual. We are all blessed with a beautiful body in whatever form or shape; what is important is keeping this body a temple of God.

V. B., Richmond, BC, Canada

I would like to thank you all at Tomorrow's World, for the excellent and interesting coverage of God's word. I was brought up in a traditional education system that, I now realize some 30 years or more later, indoctrinated me with a complete blasphemy of God. I actually now realize I was brought up to worship some "cloaked" pagan religion based upon ancient Sun-worshipping from Babylon with Jesus Christ and God's name just "stuck-on" as labels. Worse still, it's not only a blasphemy of God, but it's a dumbed-down blasphemy of God, that teaches you can make a complete convenience of God—just turn-up for half an hour every week, put your money in the plate, stand-up when you're told, sit down when you're told, sing a couple of hymns, bless yourself on the way out and see you next week—and, oh, don't worry if you sin, our priests have the divine right to absolve you, and you've got your ticket to an everlasting life when you die. Well how convenient is that? No wonder I dropped away from it, even when I was thirteen I could intuitively "smell a rat" I suppose. I feel I've been cheated from ever knowing God all my life up until a few weeks ago. Keep up the excellent work, you guys.

T. L., Durham, England


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