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Your ministry has been of great help! Especially to me as a migrant worker from the Philippines. I thank God for having one such as this, teaching and bringing people to the true worship of our Divine Creator. The magazine is very informative guiding people to the right path. It strengthens my faith as you explain in detail the fulfilled prophecy happening in our present time. My sincere thanks and gratitude to the Tomorrow's World staff.

G. J., Fujairah Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

After reading "Satan's Agenda" in the January-February 2010 issue, I thought I would send in a comment simply agreeing with the prayer that God will wake up America, individually or nationally, before it is too late. Unless the Lord Himself removes the blinders from the eyes, individually or nationally, America cannot see or understand the wrongs being done through the nation. America must see its own error by faith and not by sight. I truly hope more Americans read this magazine and then believe. They can change things, then. God will intervene and remove some blinders. I know this.

M. D., Guelph, ON, Canada

I just read "Break Free from Loneliness!" (Tomorrow's World, March-April 2010), and am very impressed. It was just what the doctor ordered concerning a death in the family and missing that person—my mom in this case. So, thank you very much. The article is very caring and personable—very special. So many folks nowadays are lonely and this is the perfect and simple answer that people are looking for.

J. M., Spring, TX

Thanks for your ever-inspiring articles in Tomorrow's World. I happened to read "Satan's Agenda" in your January-February 2010 issue, and I couldn't help but ponder on your sentiments. Materialistic prosperity does not mean one is blessed. I am a Zimbabwean and I have witnessed many politicians prosper and live a glamorous life yet they obtain all this from the suffering of the ordinary Zimbabwean. "Blood money," so to speak. There are also many things that the so-called-blessed British did. Slavery, Australian aboriginal elimination, wars, diseases, "bio warfare," etc. I don't mean to be judgmental, but the British have done more evil in the world than good. All that is wrong with the world is because of them. Nonetheless, I enjoy your articles.

B. M., Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

My husband has a subscription to your magazine, and I saw it laying on the table one day and decided to start reading. I couldn't put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. Ever since then, we fight over who gets to read it first. I would just like to thank you for the moving and educational information you write in your magazine. I have learned so much and become so hungry for knowledge of the word of God. Growing up, my parents taught me that there was no God and until I got hold of your magazine I still had that thought in my head, but now there is no way I would believe that and I have also been able to break the cycle with my own children. They know that there is a God and love and worship Him, which I wish I could have been doing my whole life instead of starting in my late 20s. So here is a huge thank you for bringing me to my senses!

K. W., Mena, AR

About two years ago I discovered (quite by accident) the Tomorrow's World program. I also ordered the booklet being offered, Satan's Counterfeit Christianity. At that time, I realized that my entire "Christian" belief system had been nothing but lies and deception. Since that time I have been voraciously studying God's word, and trying to research various areas of questions I have. I have accepted the fact that Satan is indeed the great deceiver and I believe that the Church of God is indeed the remnant referred to in the Bible. I know that the Bible says God's people are not of this world, but "the world" sure does make it difficult to live in it and still be true to our Heavenly Father. Satan certainly has done a fantastic job of "deceiving the whole world."

K. R., Palmdale, CA


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