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Thank you for the reprint article, "Do You Really Want to Eat That?" I have reviewed everything that has been said, and read the Bible scriptures, over and over again. Today I have been more careful not to eat the food that God does not allow us. One challenge is that not very many people on low income can afford to buy the good meats that God allowed us to eat. They are more expensive, but pork is the meat that is most cheap and affordable. But I have stopped eating pork, obeying God's law. I will be moving soon, and will be keeping God's dietary laws under my own roof.

L. D., Waikato, New Zealand

I have just completed the reading of your booklet, Armageddon and Beyond, and I found it most inspiring. In fact, I read it twice. Having served as a the pastor of a Baptist church in the state of New York for 45 years, and retired in early 2009, I now find time to do extensive reading. I was very, very impressed with the contents of Armageddon and Beyond.

H. P., Baltimore, MD

Upon opening and reading the January-February 2010 edition of your magazine, I found that your "Political Correctness" personal message from the Editor in Chief was on point. I couldn't agree more. And your message on "Satan's Agenda" began on point as well. However, when my eyes landed on point 4, I became disillusioned. Our new President, Barack Obama, inherited one of the most trying times in our history—both foreign and domestic. The new President has not been in national office a good year, sir. How can he do for our nation what he can best do for it, unless we all get behind him, like him or not, as you yourself said of President Franklin D. Roosevelt? Remember, President Obama is all of our President as well. Thank you.

D. M., Wrightsville, GA

I made myself read part of the magazine, Tomorrow's World, you sent me yesterday. I usually let things like this lay around and end up throwing them in the garbage without even looking at them. For some reason I got this, and put it where I could see it and read at least some of it, and I did. This is astounding. I haven't read it all yet, but what I did read sure got my mind's attention.

M. G., Duck Hill, MS

Thank you for teaching and preaching God's word so clearly and plainly that anyone who is called by God the Creator can learn and take needed actions. My wife and I had been searching for many years for the truth. Three years ago I had a heart attack. During my recovery, I had many a sleepless night. One night I flipped through the TV channels and came across your message on Vision Channel, which airs here in the northwest part of BC, Canada. I listened to you for a half hour and remembered, back in 1965, driving my truck in Manitoba and every morning at 6:00 a.m. hearing a message by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Thank you for connecting the dots. Forty-four years later, I think it is just right to tell you that this has changed our lives profoundly and we thank God for opening our eyes to see the real message He has for those who will listen and take action.

G. K., Thornhill, BC, Canada

I would like to take this time to say "thank you" for your magazine and booklets. I am learning so much. For a long time I have prayed that God would send someone to help me understand the history of the Bible. I knew that there was so much I was missing. Then I picked up one of your magazines and God answered my prayers. By the time I had read the first magazine I knew I had to have more. Please keep sending me the tools I need.

B. P., Crane, MO

I am so grateful for finding Tomorrow's World. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew there was more to the Bible than what the pastor was saying from the pulpit. I was at the brink of committing suicide once, on the 21st of December, all because it was Christmas and I felt all alone in the world. But thanks to your article, "The Reason for the Season?" in your November-December 2009 Tomorrow's World magazine, I now know the Truth. Please send me a copy of your booklet, The Holy Days: God's Master Plan.

R. E., Anniston, AL


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